October 20th, 2009

First Time Sex...eeee!

Hi VP!

Feel free to delete…I’m just kinda paranoid/shocked/excited/confused at the same time.

I had previously asked many many questions about being a 22 year old virgin and how uncomfortable I was with that. To make a long story short, I just had sex for the first time with my boyfriend a few hours ago. Due to my paranoia, I just want to make sure there’s no need for any backup protection. We used a condom and I’ve been on the pill for the past three weeks (starting with my period). I’ve read the BC instructions carefully (I’m on Lutera) and it says that a period start will provide protection immediately but my gyno had mentioned that I might not be protected for up to a full month. Do you think there’s any need for plan B? I also tried to look at the condom wrapper post-sex, but couldn’t find an expiration date. I also (also?) tried pouring some water into the used condom and there appeared to be no leaks...

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of your support in getting me this far. First time sex was surprisingly a very pleasant experience—no pain and I think I actually orgasmed from it (completely to my surprise).

Last question (I apologize for my paranoia…I’m still kinda shocked this happened)—I peed right after…is there anything else I need to do?

Thankyouthankyouthankyou to all of you.
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i feel rather disgusting and weird explaining all of this in a livejournal community, but you guys seem to be super mature and extremely helpful. so here it goes: i smell down there. i can't really explain the smell, but i guess i would go with "fishy". also, i've also been noticing a lot more discharge than usual in the last few months and it's almost always white with a thin to medium thickness.

before i was just worrying about the smell and wanted some advice on getting rid of it (other than drinking pineapple juice), but after googling this a lot i've begun to worry that i might have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. it mostly sounds like bacterial vaginosis, but I don't itch.

anyway, i'm really just looking for advice because i don't have health insurance and i cannot see any type of doctor about this right now. so any thoughts as to what it could be? home remedies? i've read that sticking garlic or diluted tree tea oil up there can help, but i don't want to be doing anything too crazy without some feedback.

i would appreciate any help SO much! thank you!! :)

I think I'm being overly-paranoid, but..

I had some very random, dirty sex last night with a guy who I'm getting to know, but don't know very well (it wasn't a one night stand, by any means). We used protection, of course, but now I'm still nervous that I picked something up, mainly HIV. We talked last week about our histories and we both have always used condoms, though he's slept with many more people than I have (though I know that has no correlation to whether or not you have an STI). There was no exchange of fluids (with the exception of him going down on me for a few minutes), so am I just being overly paranoid?

D Mannosse for UTI

Hey all,
I have a UTI, even went to the doctor because I also have a bug. I get somewhat chronic UTIs so last year purchased D Mannosse (I have seen it discussed in this community before) because of my aversion to antibiotics.

This UTI came on very quickly and I was in a lot of pain, but now feel much better (although I definitely still have it and need to treat it.) I took some of it last night and then went to the doctor this morning, who of course gave me antibiotics.

-should I take the antibiotics? or should i try out the D Mannosse (Until this UTI I have not tried it yet)
-if I take the antibiotics, will the D Mannosse I already took last night and today effect it?


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Another quick YI question.....

Is it normal for the skin between your vagina and rectal area to be irritated from a YI? I *thought* this was getting better, but the itching and crap has returned so it's starting to piss me off! This whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere anyway, as in I haven't been taking any antibiotics or birth control, etc. I want it the hell gone but with no insurance or anything, I can't afford to visit the doctor. As a friend of mine can attest, our PP isn't exactly known for it's winning service or anything so I've been hesitant to try to go there. I suppose my underwear could be playing a part in the return of the external symptoms if it's too tight which the pair I had on yesterday really were sort of tight but I didn't have anything else clean. I *did* snap some photos last night which I can share but don't know if it would really do any good. I'm sorry if I've just bombarded the community too much with all these YI questions but it helps to know I'm not alone! Thanks gang!
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Plan B needed?

Posting for a friend...

My friend had PIV sex last night without birth control, and wants to know if she needs to take Plan B because she started her period this morning. She has access to the Plan B but doesn't want to take it unless needed because it doesn't agree with her (like a lot of people). I told her to take it just to be safe, but she wants more opinions. Input?


Hi there, i have a problem and i feel i need to ask here as im getting no where in ttc communities.

Im trying to get pregnant and would like to know if i ovulate on the day im getting my progesterone test, would this show up in the test or does it need to be later? i know they do it on day 21 because "most people" ovulate on day 14, which gives it 7 days to be detected in the blood according to my doctor. I also got blood taken today which has been 7 or 8 days since my first positive ovulation test and 7 days since my first blood test but the nurse said it might be too late for that to show up even if i did ovulate. im so confused. the results came back from my first bloods showing no ovulation so just wondered if that would be why?

I also have been doing opks for the 2.5 years ive been ttc, ive never had a positive until last month and this month, last month i got the positive 14 days before my period came, so i was sure this was a good sign i ovulated but the bloods came back negative too (bloods done on day 21 and 28 last months +opk on day 30 so i wasnt expecting positive on that one anyway. Is that a sign i may have ovulated if i got a + then a period 14 days later?

Thanks for bearing with me this is my last question, I have been doing opks for 2+ years, ive never had a positive or even a faint 2nd line but after my + i still have a faint 2nd line, is it supposed to go away after ovulation? i know faint lines are common esp in women with pcos like me but its weird how ive started getting it all of a sudden.

thanks for reading.


HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH A YEAST INFECTION FOR OVER 8 YEARS. i have been to several doctors and i have gotten many prescriptions but this YI has never cleared up. It has ruined my sex life. I cant take it any longer. I have read abt GENTIAN VIOLET in another post on this site and i have started my first treatment with it today. i hope it helps. Does anyone have any other ideas? plz help me. i am going crazy!!!


Possible miscarriage?

So, I use a menstrual cup. I started my period today and it is an extremely HEAVY flow(heavier than normal, and I've had it since May so the adjustment period has pretty much passed. Oh, I have a Paragard. My boyfriend and I had sex during my fertile period without a condom, which we usually do, but he also may or may not have finished inside of me(we don't remember). Anyways, it was definitely a solid mass that was kind of feathery when broken up. I haven't had any unusual cramping, but this is just excessive for my first day. First days are usually relatively light, and then don't get heavy until the 3rd or 4th day.

I'm not freaking out, just curious. What is the likelihood that this is a miscarriage? Or is this just a strange, heavy, and sudden cycle? Do other ladies with Paragard experience similar periods?

And yes, I know... curiosity killed the cat. =]

Edit: Pretty sure I figured it out. I've changed my eating habits this month, and have been forgetting to take vitamins lately. I'm borderline anemic, and this is on-par with the bleeding I used to have when I was in the anemic category a few years ago... all the same, with the bleeding and dizzyness and whatnot. Thanks for your thoughts and ides though!

Oh, and just as a side note... I've had my Paragard for 5 months. The periods have been heavier than normal, as in a cup-change every 3-4 hours, but not on day 1.

Rash under breast / Good form fitting bra?

Before I had my son I was a good size C up. Since having him I have become a DD. Which is starting to cause some problems. No I don't breastfeed. I have a horrible rash under my left breast and a not so horrible one also under the right. Is they anything that I can put on it to help? Its very itchy and painful. Should I see a doctor about the rash?

Also what is a good store to get a proper bra? I need something not so expensive and a place that will be able to fit me properly.

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Okay so I'm pretty sure I have hemorrhoids. I've never had them before, so I was wondering if I could get some opinions on the symptoms...

MAJOR itchyness at my butt and perineum, especially after pooping and at night time. I had a poke around down there and felt something that I can best describe as a small, soft, lump of skin protruding from the anus. I tried to have a look but couldn't see anything very well.

I'm assuming that if it was some kind of fungal infection it would have spread to my vagina and elsewhere, and it's definitely not an STD.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does it sound like hemorrhoids? Also, does anyone have any experience with over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams?

Thank you in advance!!