12:17 am - 10/13/2009

yaz -- okay to use?

via facebook, ironically, i saw an ad that linked to this site.


are the claims true? that yaz can cause... death? as young as 17?

i've been taking the pill for a long time now. i've been noticing i've been spotting a lot more recently before i'm meant to get my period, which used to not happen.

is it time to switch pills?
12:44 am - 10/13/2009

Bleeding 7dpo

I chart, and use OPKs to back up my charting, and I know for a fact that I am seven days past ovulation. We had sex two days after ovulation, with a condom.

Today, 7 days past ovulation, I had light spotting with no cramping. We haven't had sex since that 2dpo condom-use sex, and I haven't had anything else weird going on with my body. Boobs are fine, I'm not nauseous, nothing like that...so any ideas what this spotting could be?
1:56 am - 10/13/2009

Vaginal Fluid?

Is it possible for vaginal fluid to be thick and white? I ask because I'm a day or two away from my period, and I'm wearing my Ladycup right now, and I'm still getting TONS of creamy/sticky fluid in my underwear. My cervix is in approximately the same place as during the first few days of my period, and my cup is in correctly. It never leaks. So if this is cervical fluid, I have no idea how it's escaping my cup!
Two quick questions.

1. What does it mean when a partner has a lot of precum? My new partner has significant amounts of precum and I was wondering if this is just a normal thing or if it is a sign of something else. His penis appears to look normal and I'm sure that I'm not confusing precum with discharge because it only happens pre-sexy time.

2. Lately when my partner comes inside of me (I'm on BC) I become really crampy afterwards and feel generally really sore down there for a couple hours. Its hard to explain, its not my vagina entrance that is sore, but instead the whole area feels generally crampy. I dont usually get sore after exams or after self mastrabation including penetration. Could I be allergic to his semen?

Thanks in Advance
10:56 am - 10/13/2009

Smoking on the Pill.

Hello wonderful VPers! So, I have a confession. I'm a smoker, and I take HBC. I have got to quit smoking, and I'm trying to work myself up to it (I have no resolve - it's awful) but I was just curious about how many ladies there are in the world who struggle with knowing that they need to quit smoking, especially because it increases the risk of blood clots and stroke in women who are taking HBC. So, any HBC smokers in here?

Have any of you quit smoking specifically because you started taking HBC? Any words of wisdom for me? It might be prudent to note that my husband smokes as well, but being on HBC (and having had two heart aneurysms as a child as a result of Kawasaki Syndrome - both of which healed up) I know I need to quit.

Thanks everyone! Hope this isn't too off topic.
I am overdue for my annual exam by about 6 months because I have to find a new gynecologist (AND a new GP, but I'll probably let that go for a few years...). I have been intending on making an appointment with a new doctor for a while, but last week when I made the executive decision to *actually* make an appointment last week, I realized that I have no idea how to decide which one to choose!

I can only find lists online of OB/Gyns in my area, so the only information I have to go on is the doctors' genders, schooling, and what insurance they accept. I don't care about where they received their degrees, my insurance seems to be widely accepted, and I am only willing to go to a female doctor, so I haven't narrowed down the list very much. I checked the gynecologist directory here on VP, but there is none listed for my state, let alone my city...

My mom's doctor is male, and my local friends either don't see a gynecologist yet or go to our university's health center (which doesn't accept outside insurance...) so I don't really have anyone to ask.

SO, VPers, how did you choose your doctor? Should I just pick the one with the coolest name? The one who went to the same college that one of my friends is attending? The youngest one? I have six within a 20-mile radius to choose from....
6:19 pm - 10/13/2009

Singing Instead leak alarm!

So this is more of an amusing anecdote than anything, but I though y'all might get a kick out of it.

I'm about mid-bleed, which lately has been fairly heavy. I use an Instead cup most of the time. With the more...horizontal? insertion of the Instead (as opposed the the vertical style of reusable cups), you can pretty easily get a little air bubble trapped in the bag portion of the cup. Generally, I do a little kiegel-squeeze right after I put a new one in, to avoid annoying blood-queefs later on.

I'd put a new one in this morning, and noticed my flow was pretty heavy, fresh blood. Ran around, had some breakfast, took a walk, came home at sat at the computer. Sort of ignored the "full now!" sensation from the cup (I don't know about everyone else, but when my cup is full, it registers as a weird sort of pressure for me).

I think I shifted positions in my chair or something, and all of a sudden, the most bizarre, disturbingly loud keening squealy burbling noise escaped from the region of my nethers. You ever have a not-so-bright dog that farts and then questioningly looks at its own butt, like "what just happened"? I think I made that face. The sound was not unlike stretching the open neck of a full balloon and letting the air out slowly. Only...wetter. Like maybe you'd been amusing yourself for a while with the same balloon and it was all spitty inside.

Did a quick hand-down-the-pants check and realized I'd completely lost cup integrity. Woosh! Like it had an emergency over-ride dumping system in place, it had given up its entire capacity.

Mental note: If your vagina is singing, it's time to change the dang cup.
Does anyone know why Bayer stopped making the birth control Levlen? I can't seem to find an answer by googling. I have PCOS and Levlen was the only birth control that not only helped me from having my epic mood swings, but actually made me feel good. I tried taking the generic version, Levora, and went totally off the deep end -- I know they're supposed to be identical, but there must be a slight difference or I wouldn't react that way. I'm taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen now and it's doing an adequate job, but I still have problems. :(
10:10 pm - 10/13/2009

lost pills

 so somehow on my thanksgiving vacation home i managed to lose my pills today. i'll be off my train tomorrow at 5pm so i'll be stopping at my pharmacy to pick up a new pack. i'm pretty sure i only had three active pills left to take (i'll be taking two tomorrow because i missed today obviously). so since i'll be taking three pills from my new pack, should i also get another pack for when i start up again? since three would be missing from the other pack? i could keep the other pack as a spare in case i lost my pills again, and throw it out when it expires. or is it possible that my pharmacy can just give me three pills and then a new pack? it doesn't seem likely... i don't want an entire pack to go to waste like that.
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