1:11 am - 10/07/2009

nuvaring safety

Thing 1: Has anyone asked their doctors lately about NuvaRing's safety, in light of the lawsuits about strokes? Alternately, has anyone found a balanced article outlining the safety that's not from Organon, wikipedia or a lawyer's site?
Thing 2: Drugs.com says this about the Nuvaring:
If you will be having surgery or will be confined to a chair or bed for a long period of time (such as a long plane flight), notify your doctor 3 to 4 weeks beforehand. Special precautions may need to be taken in these circumstances while you are taking NuvaRing Ring.

Really? Has anyone done this and taken said special precautions? Because dude, I can be sedentary for the length of a long plane flight: it's called sleeping in.

I'm trying to tell myself that while there might be an increased risk of stroke or blood clot with NuvaRing, there's not enough data to really be sure, and therefore I shouldn't worry for now. I should have asked the PP doc when I had the chance last week.
So... like 2 weeks ago I have a yeast infection and some swelling of the vulva... I got the swelling and the itchiness the day after I had unprotected sex with my ex-boyfriend. Now, two weeks later, I kind of have the same symptoms again. I had protected sex with a different guy. There is no swelling but I have been kind of itchy and I think that I might be getting another yeast infection.. there's some white lumpish discharge but it's really small.... but my vulva is definitely itchy...

has anyone ever had this probably? is it an STD or something? i'm definitely going to get some monistat....
2:59 am - 10/07/2009

oral herpes?

first, massive apologies for two posts in one night, i can delete the other if needed.
there's a sore inside my mouth. this is the same kind of sore i've been getting for years, since i was quite young. but... while looking in the mirror, i'm kinda getting a little paranoid.
canker sore or oral herpes?
fairly large. also, i look really stupid.Collapse )
thanks, and sorry for my paranoia :/
3:09 am - 10/07/2009

Acidophilus capsules??

I looked up some home remedies for yeast infections and I really wanna try acidophilus capsules. i had a yeast infection 2 weeks ago and now I have another one which is probably the same one.... so i wanna take monistat tomorrow and also start taking the capsules tomorrow. but how often should i take the capsules? has anyone taken them? do they work?

thank you all so much! :-)
4:06 am - 10/07/2009

Pad allergy??


This is a strange question I think - is it possible to be allergic to a pad? I am very itchy and red around my labia majora, and nearer to the back some of my skin was actually peeling a bit - I was wondering if I was just having issues because normally I shave and I haven't for a little while, or if it's due to the pad - I have had no problems prior to having my period, and something similar happened last time - I don't normally use these pads - usually I use biodegradable ones but I was stuck and bought some Stayfree.

So, do you think it's possible? I just shaved and used some cream to sooth the itch. My period is pretty much done so I guess I will see if it goes away. Has anyone heard of/had this happen for that reason? I know I don't have any other issues down there but I suppose it could be a yeast infection. I don't have discharge, though.

Hello! I got my first yeast infection last week and I started treating it last weekend (I started with boric acid but I'm using Vitanica's Yeast Arrest suppositories now...one in the morning and one at night). My period is due by this weekend. Will I still have the YI symptoms during my period? Can I still treat it during my period? Is there anything I need to do differently?

Also, I used Rephresh pH Balancing gel a couple of days before I got the YI symptoms because I thought I had BV, and I have used it in the past when I thought I had the same thing. Do you think this product could have caused the YI?
7:42 am - 10/07/2009

Cranberry juice and UTI

I am just wondering how much cranberry juice should I drink to cure a UTI?  I drank a bottle (about 4-6 cups) of cranberry juice over the course of an evening and a morning.  With each pee that I took I could actively feel the uncomfortable itchiness disappear.  However now, a day and a half later, I still feel a tiny bit of discomfort... It's not too bad, but it is noticeable.  And I can smell that my vagina is a little off... But these symptoms are not nearly as bad as they were two days ago.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance ladies!
11:43 am - 10/07/2009

Small Bump INSIDE??

In the past few months I've missed my period for 3+ months, then found out I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my entire fallopian tube, and just this week got my period back for the first time. When I was in the shower, I put my fingers up into my vagina and felt a few bumps that I have never felt before 'up there'. Is this cause for alarm? Or it this just because of so much 'going on' down there, haha? They were very small and kind of came to a point. Should I make an appointment with my doctor or see if they change at all? I'm really unsure what to do. 


EDIT: They do not hurt at all whatsoever. They are literally up in there so I can't look at them to see what they look like.
1:28 pm - 10/07/2009

Flagyl dosage question

My decision is official: my vagina hates me.

After visting my clinic at least once a month for the past year due to bacterial vaginosis infections, and having them continually tell me that I MUST be doing something wrong, I finally shelled out the cash to go to a real doctor. We talked quite a bit about my habits and what's been going on, and he came up with his conclusion: my SO's semen is interrupting my PH balance, and I may even have an allergy to it. We started using condoms, and the problem went away just like that. I wish someone would've thought of this a year ago!

Anyway. Smooth sailing for about four months.. infection free, yay! And then, bam. Yeast infection. Went back to the godforsaken clinic, thinking it's only a yeast infection, how could they possibly fuck this up? They gave me a Diflucan pill. I asked them how long it would take to work, and no one had any idea. Okay, whatever. Took the pill, which did take the edge off of the symptoms, but four days later it was obviously still there. So I bought an OTC cream and used it for three days. Waited three more days, still having symptoms, (there was absolutely no sexual contact during this time, btw) went back to the clinic. At first they refused to even do a wet mount, saying that the yeast infection cream would still be present and they wouldn't be able to get a good sample. I insisted that they try anyway. They did, come back, and say there is no yeast but I have a fairly bad case of BV. More flagyl. GAH!!!

This is where my question comes in: everytime I go to the clinic for BV, they give me 14 500MG flagyl tablets and tell me to take one pill twice a day for seven days. This rarely works, and I end up having to go back and get more. When I went to the GP for BV, he gave me four flagyl tablets and told me to take them all at once. This worked like a charm. Problem is, I don't remember what milligram they were. Does flagyl usually come in 500MG tablets? If I take four of the ones I have now, that'll be 2000MG... does that sound safe? The problem I'm trying to avoid is taking too much at once and having the YI come back, because high doses of antibiotics tend to do that to me.
1:33 pm - 10/07/2009

Possible BV?

So back in August I was diagnosed with a kidney infection, because I got a UTI and didnt realize it and it progressed. I only have one kidney, so it was pretty serious. Anyway, after that, I thought the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection because I was having a very strange discharge, some very mild itching, and a very musky odor. So I did the treatment for it but it didnt stop so I assumed I needed to try again and I did, but it still didnt stop. So I gave up and assumed maybe my body was just changing.

But a few days ago my boyfriend mentioned to me that my Vag kind of smells. He was very sweet about it and he just wanted to let me know. Now my past boyfriends have NEVER complained so, I figured maybe this is because of what happened in August. He couldnt really remember when the problem started though.

My discharge is white and kind of chunky sometimes, but then others its yellowy and thick. The smell is the worst part though. I shower every other day and I dont think I should have such a bad smell. After a shower, im usually fine for about an hour or so, and even longer if im just sitting in pajamas at home, but if im out, and especially if im getting turned on and having more discharge than usual, then it comes quickly. Even cleaning up during the day doesnt stop the smell.

Could this possibly be BV or is it something else?
Hi, all. As you probably know, from time to time, one of the VP maintainers will make a post on behalf of someone who wishes to remain anonymous. This is one of those posts.

We appreciate y'all being your usual wonderful selves when answering. :)

For the VP Team

At the beginning of last week I was prescribed treatments for my yeast infection by my gyno. Unfortunately, my gyno then ran out of the room before I could even ask her any questions regarding what I should do post-treatment.

Yeah, I hate my gyno.

So now I'm a week done with my treatment (antifungal cream and diflucan pill) and almost all of the symptoms seem to be gone except for an itch every so often. Problem is I just got my period and the first thing I did was reach for my tampons but now I'm wondering if that's okay to do? Can I safely use tampons this soon after having a yeast infection?

I'm really hoping the answer is yes, because I can't stand the feel of pads.

Also, does anyone know how long it typically takes a yeast infection to clear up and how long you should wait before resuming sexual activity of any kind? This is my first ever yeast infection, and I'm clueless.

Thanks all!
 So, I'm anemic.  Which REALLY pisses me off (but that's another story).  Anyway, I've been taking 300mg of Ferrous Sulphate (iron pills) for the past 6 months or so.  Went to the doctor last week and found out my iron is really low, so I've had to double the amount of iron I'm taking.  In addition to the inevitable constipation, I've also had some spotting.  Enough spotting that it stained my underwear.  My period was about two weeks ago, so I think I'm ovulating right now.  Either way, I'm not sure I've ever really spotted and certainly not this much.  Could it be because of the iron?  I only started doubling the dose on Monday.  It's the only thing I'm doing differently.  I'm a virgin, no sexual activity at all, and not on birth control.  Is there any other reason I could be spotting?  When I googled it all it came up with was pregnancy, but I'm definitely not pregnant, so yeah... 

Any ideas?  
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