12:59 am - 10/05/2009

Lost Tampon?

So here's the deal:

I went to take my tampon out last night and...there was no tampon. At first I assumed the string had just come loose or gotten tucked inside, but once I started poking around I felt nothing. I pushed down, tried different angles, used a mirror, soaked in the bath. I tried everything I could think of and still felt nothing--besides my cervix, which was nifty because I hadn't done that before, but that's beside the point. I freaked and told my mom, who insisted that if there were a tampon in my vagina, I would feel be able to feel it with my finger. She thinks I must've forgotten to insert one after I took out my last one.

However, after googling (tsk, tsk, I'm already paranoid!), I've read several horror stories of women who had unknowingly "lost" tampons for WEEKS. Combine that with the fact that my flow has been unusually light today, and I'm freaking out more than ever. I plan on calling the Health Department first thing in the morning to make an appointment, so I guess what I'm looking for is reassurance. How likely is it that there's a tampon stuck up there that I can't feel with my fingers? (And just fyi, I have to wear Supers due to my heavy flow, so it's not one of those tiny teen ones or anything.) I haven't had any abdominal pain or weird discharge either, but...I don't know. Are my worries totally unfounded?

Thanks in advance, VP!
2:47 am - 10/05/2009


Hello ladies!

I have finally worked up the nerve to place a Figleaves order for bras and decided I need new panties. I was hoping some ladies here had some suggestions!

I wear a 10-12 in pants. The catch: I have a rather large bum thanks to Taekwondo. Large enough to where low-rise jeans don't work because I breathe and crack shows. Any women here with similar difficulties who have found styles/brands that have worked for them? I don't mind any style. :]

Thank you!
8:07 am - 10/05/2009

is that you, period?

Sorry to post again so soon, but I'm still extremely worried. I'm not sure if I got my period and it just wasn't normal or if it never came. I had brown/burgandy blood 2 days before my placebo week with an hour or so of bright red blood. Then saturday when I usually start, the brown blood went away, but what was coming out was very...stringy? clotty? I'm not sure how to describe it. I saw most of it when I peed, it came out in like threads. It was very strange. Then yesterday I didn't have too much bleeding overall and it mostly stopped by night which was strange because I usually go to tuesday. I did pass a very large clot in the morning, probably the diameter of a ping pong ball. And now this morning I don't have much of anything. I stuck a finger up there to see what was going on, and it came back pretty much clean with a little bit of brown.

So now I'm just freaking out. Was this a period? Could this be the dreaded decidual bleeding? I did have breast tenderness or the past week or two but that has mostly gone away by now. I have pretty awful social anxiety so I've been putting off buying a pregnancy test, but I'm thinking now is the time for me to get over that. I know this is kind of generalized, but I would appreciate any insight.
10:30 am - 10/05/2009

faking orgasms

I confess this is simple curiosity, but I'd really like to know how this works.

Have you ever faked an orgasm? Why? How? Did you get caught?
Okay, so my period has been MIA since July. I don't remember the exact week but i wanna say it was def. the later part of July. But i've screwed up my birth control a lot since then (long story). Anyways i've taken 2 pregnancy tests around the beginning of September and both came up Negative. I had taken one, and then waited another 7 days and took the other.

But last night, i went to the bathroom, and there was blood. And i had cramps all last night, and so when i woke up this morning- i was def. expecting a normal flow, but it is still really light. Like so light to where it looks like the day after your period ends.

Oh and before i was on Birth Control (Ortho tri cyclen lo) my period was really screwed up, like i could easily go a few months without it. But i've been on bc for so long now, i figured that even if i had stopped my cycle would still be pretty regular.
12:49 pm - 10/05/2009

What is BV?

 What does BV stand for? How does one get it? What are symptoms/treatments? 

I love this community, I've been reading through posts for months and have learnt so much from it!!

However I now have a problem of my own...

Since I was little I was taught to use lots of soap to wash myself, and have never really had a problem with it... but I read on here that you only need to use hot water as the vagina cleans itself and is very sensitive to soaps.. so I tried for two weeks just washing with water and leaving out the soap... and I didn't like the smell, and I didn't feel very clean so I went back onto using soap and everything is fine again... do you think my body has just got used to using soap from a young age or?

I've been looking around and have seen that you can buy feminine wash and feminine wipes, and so I might invest in those so I feel fresh but not like I am harming my body in any way!
Hi VPer's!  Two questions/observations today:

1. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed the subtle change in tampax tampons.  I have been a tampax girl since I started my period, and would love to continue being one, except my last pack that I bought (about 3 months ago) SUCKED.  It's like they don't actually absorb the blood, but just let it hang out around the surface until I change it.  Sometimes they even leak (I know I'm using the correct size - regulars, because while I was on HBC I had a pretty light flow).  I hate the new "skirt", because it doesn't stop any leakage, and I'm beginning to think that the whole tampon is being made of (or at least covered in) this plastic-feeling cloth.  Just an observation, and I'm wondering if anyone else had noticed the crappy change as well.  You fail, tampax, you fail.
2. Another thing I've noticed lately is that the bottom portion of my tampon seems to be really wet.  I think it's pee, but from everything I've ever heard, that's really not possible.  Except when this happens during the day, the bottom is wet and YELLOW, because I take a daily multi that turns my pee a bright yellow (just a side effect - I'm drinking plenty of water!).  The string is pretty dry, otherwise I'd think that maybe the string is absorbing pee and traveling by some weird sense of osmosis to the tampon.  I have no other explanation for this, unless the tampon could be stimulating my g-spot and causing me to leak a little?  Although (through experimenting) my boyfriend and I have determined that when stimulated, the liquid comes from my urethra, and not my vagina.  So I hope you can get a grasp on my utter confusion here.
Come to think of it, I first noticed the wet tampon thing around the same time I bought my new box of tampax.  Could this be related?  Are there any other brands I should try?  I'm thinking about getting a cup, but I think I would have a problem using it, because I'm overweight.  Any suggestions or thoughts?
This Thursday, I have an appointment with my GP for my pelvic exam and pap smear. It is my first appointment with this doctor since returning to FAM. The last time I saw him, to get a referral for a pain condition, I had a Mirena IUD in place. Since the last item in my records is almost certainly my expulsion, faxed over from the urgent care facility, I expect he'll ask about my current contraception.

While I don't have any reason to distrust this doctor in particular, I have had: a) bad experiences with doctors in general; b) experience with people having misinformed, prejudicial, and condescending attitudes toward fertility awareness. And since he's a GP who doesn't seem to be so familiar with not-so-Westernized contraception, I can see him thinking this way even if I have no specific reason to suspect it. So I am more than a little anxious about telling my doc I'm now using FAM.

When I checked posts in other communities regarding this topic, the standard answer seemed to be, "Find a new doctor -- or, better yet, a midwife." I certainly agree with this advice in theory, but what happens when that's not an option?

My GP manages and/or coordinates my care for a couple of different health conditions, and he's been thoroughly knowledgeable, sensible, and accommodating about those. Finding a new GP would be a hassle and a setback with which I'd rather not deal. Additionally, with my HMO, I'm only allowed to change primary care providers once a plan year (which started October 1). So I could change once but not again until October 2010, even if the second doctor ended up having the same (or a worse) attitude about fertility awareness.

Because of this, I'd like to explore other ways to ensure that my PCP is on board with -- or at least respectful of -- me using FAM. I mean, I should be able to just say, "I've studied my full range of options. I'm aware of the risks and benefits of this method compared to the risks and benefits of other methods. I'm confident in my ability to conscientiously monitor and interpret my cycle signs, and my both partner and I are confident in our ability to adjust our sexual activities accordingly. We're making informed choices to use this method, and that is ultimately what matters."

I'm also not above throwing out, "Seriously, can you name a statistically more effective reversible method that I haven't tried?" It is kind of my trump card.

Any other ideas on how to work with a potentially FAM-unfriendly doctor -- without switching providers?


A similar version of this was cross posted to fam.
For most of the day I have felt like death. Last night after a dinner of hamburger I started having a lot of stomach pain. I went to bed and I woke up around 1 am with tremendous stomach pain and writhed around for several hours before finally getting some relief after taking some TUMS quick pack powder and then falling asleep. I woke up at ten AM and felt okay so I showered and got ready for work. Before leaving my house I got very angry and had a fit I guess you could say (just mentioning this in case it could be related).

When I finally got in my car I started to feel nauseated. I started to feel so nauseated that I knew I couldn't go to work like this. I went home and got into bed. The nausea worsened along with stomach pain. I also have gone to the bathroom several times with very loose stools. I checked my temperature and at it's highest it was 99.4 (currently 99.3). I've fallen asleep here and there and stayed in bed all day. I woke up an hour ago feeling a tiny bit better..the nausea seems to have gone but my stomach is hurting and I've got an awful headache and I still feel very weak. Something that also concerned me was that earlier today I noticed I was spotting. I almost never spot. Could all of these symptoms and the spotting be related and mean something worse, or just a coincidence? I'm on Microgestin Fe 1/20.
Has anyone ever experienced this?

About twenty minutes ago I started vomiting as well.
Won't be going to school or work either.
so i went to my local walmart today and bought three cloves of garlic for $1.04 (which is great, i thought it would be a lot more than that. i now have about $0.60 left...)

here's the thing.
the instructions i've read on this community say to insert a CLOVE of garlic.

either people are misunderstanding garlic terminology and mean a SEGMENT, or that's a shitload of garlic. not to mention the outside of a CLOVE is covered in that lovely paper, whereas you can peel a SEGMENT. paper doesn't seem helpful.


oh, and my health center wouldn't prescribe me anything until i tried OTC treatments. great. so garlic it was.

ETA: apparently i'm the odd one - maybe it's regional. lol. thanks guys.
8:40 pm - 10/05/2009


lately I have been stressed out of my FUCKING mind its my final year in school (irish version of high school) and god its so stressful i need to do like top 10% in the country in exams its so blody stressful. I just seem to be crying ALL the time i cried ALL day sunday and dont even know what i was upset about. I was wondering could stress levels contribute to hormonal changes in relation to your pill?


my 27 yr olf friend who has one child said that when you have a really heavy period with bad cramps etc it could actaully be a miscarraige without you noticing if your like 2-3 weeks gone but i dont think this is right is it?
9:50 pm - 10/05/2009


 Hey everyone,
        i have only found a few things about this but none of what i need. My gyno told me to use my nuvaring for 28 days then take it out for three then put a new one in. I called to confirm this with her and she said there were studies that it worked wonderful this way. however i cant find it anywhere. I was just wondering if any of you have heard this?
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