June 30th, 2009

question about ovarian cysts and labia majora cyst

Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. I have two questions which are unrelated. (At least I think they are.)

First off, I started the Depo shot on June 16th and so far I've had no problems. No bleeding, I'm in a great mood, no cramping, etc. (which is AWESOME because I have awful cramping, horribly heavy periods, and clinical depression). However, just today, I started having a short, sharp pain where I would believe to be my right ovary is. I've never had an ovarian cyst and I don't quite know what one would feel like. The pain isn't all the time. It isn't overbearing and it is definitely tolerable. It will sort of throb in and out from time to time. I guess my question is: Is this something I should bother my gyno about? I've searched the net and I find conflicting answers on whether or not the Depo shot can cause cysts, and CLEARLY, everything on the internet is true! So my little head is spinning. Also, for those of you who have had ovarian cysts, what did your pain feel like? I am trying to look for a sort of gauge, so I can figure out if I should see my primary care (who is a male and I worked for him before seeing him so I'd rather he not look at my hoo ha) or if I should go to my ob/gyn with a problem that may not be her area of expertise at all.

Second, today after work, I went to the bathroom and wiped. I noticed a small bump. It had a head, and I tried to pop it, as I often get ingrowns since I shave the area. I'm the type of person who sees a zit and needs to friggen perform surgery, even though I know it is best to let it be. After about 15 seconds of trying to pop it without success, I decided to leave it alone. About 30 minutes ago (so this is a span of around 5 and a half hours) I found that my once small, half a pea-sized, presumed ingrown hair is now about the size of a quarter. There is a still a visual spot where that original ingrown (or alien lifeform, undeveloped twin, or whatever) was, but now there is an additional roundish area on my labia majora that is visibly swollen and tender to the touch. It hurts about as much as a pimple in the same area would. I'm just amazed that it is so large. If it is hard for you to get a visual of what this thing looks like...imagine a little quarter sized boob. The nipple would be the original ingrown that I tried to pop, so it is raised and pronounced from the rest of the growth-y thing. The breast area would be the swollen, tender, newly developed cyst-y thing. I did some hot compress. Hopefully it runs its course. Again, with internet searching, I got everything from herpes to a sebaceous cyst to my unborn twin...it could have teeth and hair in there, you know! ;). I've been sexually active for about two and a half years and I'm nearly 21, if that helps at all. I recently had my very first gyno visit (where I ended up choosing Depo as my birth control option) and everything came back just fine. Is this something I should worry about? Has anyone else had something similar develop over such a short period of time?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm looking forward to everyone's insight!

2 questions

1) I have a lot of clear (dries white) discharge. A lot in that I have to wear a liner so it doesn't soak through. Is there anyway to lessen the discharge? I've recently gotten in a relationship and well...liners aren't sexy :(

2) Sorry if this one doesn't really belong, tell me and I'll delete it, I just don't know where else to ask. My..aerolas I guess? are really puffy lately. Even if I'm cold, they're still way puffier than usual. They stick literally an inch out from the rest of my boob. This has been going on for like two months. I was wondering if it was just a breast development thing? I'm only 18, and I had basically force started my period at 16, so I guess you could say I was a late bloomer.

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How to Make your Pelvic Exam Not Suck

A friend posted this article on Facebook yesterday, and I wanted to share. It's a really great article, and hopefully can help people here.

[Edit: A lot of people have commented on the language in this article. While the tone may be off-putting to some, it's also geared towards an audience that is inclusive of transmen who may be less comfortable with medical terminology used for female bodies. Check out this excellent comment for more details.]

How to make your pelvic exam not suck
-Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

I’m a teacher at Pussy School, and I love my job! Okay, it’s not my official work title- but I am an educator with Project Prepare, one of a network of “gynecological teaching associations.” I have the most amazing, well-paid job teaching med students and doctors how to give pelvic exams that are pain-free, empowering and respectful of women’s and trans bodies and trauma histories. Emerging from the second wave feminist health care movement of the 70s, GTAs were started by dedicated feminists and lezzies who were appalled at the shitty standards of care given by most gynecologists, and the fact that back in the day, most med students learned how to give pelvics either on rubber models of the pussy (which can’t really say, “Ow, no, stop,”) or (even worse) on anesthetized surgery patients in teaching hospitals (who also are not awake women and trans people who talk back and have needs.)

In response, GTAs teach med students and medical professionals how to give pain-free pelvic exams in an empowering, respectful way. We are the most crazily empowered patients these students will ever meet- I get paid $75 an hour to be incredibly bossy, tell them they’re doing it wrong and reward them when they’re doing right. As such, I have a grip of tips to make your pap smear much better than the tension ridden, gross experience it may have been in the past. Read on:

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So my boyfriend scratched me with his fingernail while he was fingering me pretty roughly the other day. Just wondering if anyone has any idea on how long that will take to heal? It happened on Saturday, and sex last night (Monday night) was painful enough for me to call it off. I've tried to have a look down there but I can't really see the scratch, which makes me think it's right at or just inside the vaginal entrance. Is there anything I could do to speed up the healing process?

Thanks :)
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Urinary pain while wearing pads

Another question, really fast:

Due to what I believe to be is the beginnings of a YI (again.), I'm gonna go through my period this week without tampons and see how that helps. Now, this is the first day of said period and I've been wearing pads. I haven't worn pads for like 7 years or so and I'm noticing a few stabbings of urinary pain today. Is there anything behind the thought that pads are causing an irritation? I'm using the CVS version of Always ultra-thins. I don't remember this happening when I used to use pads... but then again, I have developed lots of issues down there since then. Maybe I'll start popping some cranberry pills while I am wearing these pads. Does that connection seem logical?

another YI post

ugh. i haven't been having good luck at all this year with my lady parts :(

i got my very first YI in January due to some antibiotics, got medication for it but it quickly turned into a UTI...

then in march or april i had another one that didn't feel like one but i went to my gyno and she checked it out and gave me this suppository to insert into myself to help it out. and i've been good since, but now i think i have another YI!

it doesn't itch or anything yet, but i do have thicker discharge and it doesn't smell right (but i dont know if thats because of my boyfriends man juices or what)i do wash after sex and use feminine wipes but the smell of him doesnt always go away

i've also been having pain at the top of what i think would be my cervix way deep inside when my boyfriend and i have sex.

so i def. think i have one.

now what my question is:

for an at home remedy, how well does garlic cloves work for those of you who've tried it?
I'm sick of spending money on prescriptions and doctor visits so i want to see if i can fix it myself.

if the garlic didn't work for you what else did you try that worked?

thanks for your time, i'm sorry this has been asked a million times, i just want to do what works best.
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Sharp pain in lower left abdomen?

Hi, all!

Today I've been experiencing a sharp pain in my lower left abdomenal region. (To clarify, I had my period last week, so I don't imagine I'm pregnant.) It's just dull right now, but occasionally there will be a sharp, stabbing pain. Any advice? I do plan to make a gyno appointment about it soon, but yeah. I don't know if it will continue, or if it's just a random thing since it started just today.

Oh, and I'm 20. Don't know if that will make a difference, but it's worth knowing, I suppose.


Thrush treatments

 Hey all!
Last week I had my first appointment at a sexual health clinic, just to get everything checkout to ensure my sleazy ex hadn't left any reminders of her, and it all came back clear apart from thrush. The women who did the tests and took the swabs from inside my vagina told me at that  time it looked like a mild case of thrush, but said that if it isn't causing any discomfort (which it isn't) that there's no point in treating it, cause it would be "over treating for the sake of it" as she put it, which I found a bit weird. It isn't causing any discomfort, no massively abnormal discharge that I've noticed, but I wanted to get it sorted before it potentially gets worse. 

I went to the chemist today to try and buy some of the tablets for treating it (I figured since it's not causing itching or anything there's no point putting more chemicals down there than there has to be!) but found that they were all in capsule form, containting gelatine in the capsule. I'm a strict vegetarian and dont eat any gelatine at all, and I really dont want to start now, especially for something that the nurse didn't even think was worth treating. Does anyone know of any tablets that treat thrush without gelatine? Or any other way to treat it?

Also, what are the implications of it for my current boyfriend? He has given me oral sex before I knew about this, but not since 'cause I've had my period since. He hasn't noticed anything in his mouth, like the white patches some people have said about. 

Thanks in advance for any help at all :]