Mab (pixietangerine) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in the butt/thighs/groin

Hey everyone, fun embarrassing question here! :)

When I woke up this morning I thought my left butt cheek had a bruise on it, or maybe one of those zits that are painful and deep as those are a similar bruise-y kind of soreness for me. There is absolutely no sign of a zit and no black and blue, though. Throughout the day the pain slowly spread from the middle of the cheek to about halfway down the back of my thigh, and even my groin/vulva feels sore. I thought maybe it was something like sciatica, but would that cause groin pain, too? It doesn't feel like a muscle soreness, more like an ache-y bruised feeling. The pain isn't intense, less than a toothache, but it's constant and while I have a decent pain tolerance, I also have a lot of anxiety issues. I managed not to let myself worry too much all day but now I can't sleep because I'm getting a little panicky about this mysterious, ongoing pain. I thought maybe it could be cellulitis, but I have no signs of redness, hotness, swelling, no fever whatsoever. My body has no visible explanation for the pain, my butt, thighs, and groin look like they always do. My guts feel normal, so I don't think I have PID or something...hopefully not...

Anyway, I'm stressing over this a bit, especially because 1. I'm going out of town for the weekend and really don't want to have some horrible illness crop up then and 2. I'm utterly terrified of going to see a doctor and really don't want to unless it's absolutely necessary...

What I'm asking is, how concerned should I be about this pain? And what might be causing it/what might I do to fix it? And...any reassurance that I'm probably not going to be paralyzed and incontinent and dead and full of cancer (like google suggests might be my doom) would be much appreciated! :P

Thanks, I hope this made some sense, I'm writing this on ambien...
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