Ashley (disturbedme) wrote in vaginapagina,

Best birth control for endometriosis?

Hey VPers!

I just had my laparoscopy yesterday morning for a rather large left ovarian cyst which turned out to be an endometrioma. My surgeon also found some spots of endometriosis and cleaned those up.

Anyway, he said that it would be a good idea to get on birth control to stop menstruation so that this won't happen again.

I'm just curious as to the types of birth control those of you who have endometriosis have used and what you like the best?

I didn't really WANT to do birth control as I've purposely stayed away from birth control for many years just to be more natural and healthy, but if this is something I have to do, then I have to.

Also, what are the safer forms of birth control? And are there certain tests I should have done before getting on birth control, like testing for blood clotting, etc.? As I do have high cholesterol and am afraid of this happening while on the pill.

Thanks so much!
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