katplayer (katplayer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Random hip growth?

I'm 17 and have had huge hips since I was 13. I used to be able to get into a size 8 or so, but I've gone up two pants sizes this year. Admittedly, I did gain a bit of weight back after losing about 25 pounds (though really, only about five pounds or so- only enough for one pant size) but the only thing I can attribute to the other rise in size is my hips, since I take an XL in just skirts, but still get away with a large or medium with dresses. Really- I weigh about 135 now, and can't fit into the slacks I wore two years ago, when I weighed 155.

I thought getting your period was the end of any sexual growth? I got it when I was 13 1/2, but my hips apparently jutted out more just this year.

Not really vagina-related, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight. Jeans are kind of expensive, and I'm emptying my wallet slowly replacing all my old pairs...
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