calyxia (calyxia) wrote in vaginapagina,

choosing a new toy...Lelo Gigi vs Trojan Twister

So I'm in the market for a new toy. I've read all the fantastic reviews of the Lelo Gigi, but then I saw the Trojan Twister commercial. Both are silicone and from what I can tell a similar size, and the Lelo's rechargeable, but the Twister has the nifty twisting handle. Both are for internal/external use. If you have to choose just one (at least for now lol) what would The Great VP say? I actually saw the Gigi online for 59.95, same as the Trojan Twister instead of the usual 109, but now I'm just kind of torn.

Also if anyone knows how quiet/loud the trojan one is compared to the gigi that would be helpful to know also.

Thanks VP!
Tags: vibrators
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