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itchy spotting

Hey VP

This is an edited entry because my last was too specific!

I've been spotting all month because I'm taking new low-dose hbc (lo loestrin), and am hoping this will dissapear after the three month adjustment (if not, I will change pills).

In the meantime, I have a burny/itchy feeling that often accompanies the tail-end of my period.  It has caused a lot of discomfort today with burning and itching, more so than usual I'm guessing because it's the second week I've been spotting and am still discharging old blood.  This weekend I had sex even though I was spotting and the next day it was really burny/itchy, more than ever while I've been spotting, and I was in agony for a day.  The next day it all went away (Sunday), but now it's back after no sexual contact.

So, I called my doctor and got a prescription for Diflucan in the hopes that it's yeast, because I am leaving on vacation on Wednesday and can't get in to the doctor.  

But I'd really like to have a nice vacation if this isn't yeast, and I'm going away with my SO.  Does anyone have any advice for the itchy/burny time that accompanies spotting, or my particular situation?  I don't douche a lot, but I will bring a type with me if you have any suggestions for a specific type that's better for the tail-end of my period (I don't want to displace good bacteria, especially because I'll be taking the diflucan tonight).

Thank you all for your advice!
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