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Itchy vulva - camping tomorrow - HELP!

Hi VPers --

Urgent little issue going on over here! I'm at the very tail end of my period (just a bit of spotting the last couple days) and my inner labia are pretty itchy and red for the last day and a half. No weird discharge, so I don't think it's a full-blown yeast infection, so maybe it is just either mild yeast or some irritation. I use a Diva Cup and sometimes I think touching myself/reaching inside myself so often can sometimes be irritating or introduce a bit of soap residue or whatever.

Anyway, I'm going camping for a week starting tomorrow morning! What should I do? I washed with warm water and am definitely sleeping commando tonight, which I hope will kick it. I have a Diflucan pill I'll take with me in case the situation deteriorates, and I also have a bit of hydrocortisone cream. Tonight is my last chance to go to the Walgreen's and get anything else I might need.

Any advice? Does anyone else get this kind of issue towards the end of their periods? I think this has happened before and I usually take some oral probiotics, but I'm all out and now the store is closed. I'm reallllly hoping it's just a little irritation that will be gone tomorrow morning and not the start of a yeastie or something else that will make me severely uncomfortable on the trail.... Help!
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