frolic_x (frolic_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

First period on the nuva ring..

I actually joined LJ just for VagPag. I love how respectful, and reasonable this community is, so good on all of you for providing a place for women to talk about health issues openly. I went to an all girls highschool, and we never had this level of openness. I wish we had. ANYWAY, I digress. I have a question regarding periods and reinsertion of a Nuvaring.

Just a little bit of background, I was raised in a christian family who's beliefs were always to keep sex until marriage, and while my opinions do differ I did wait nearly a year before having sex with my current boyfriend. I don't expect my choices to be questioned, but I did think it through, and I have had no regrets. Long story short, I have had sex once with only a condom, and shortly after that I started on the Nuvaring (pregnancy paranoia, don't get me wrong it's great, but I have a degree to get and aren't ready emotionally to be a mother) I was not exhibiting signs of pregnancy, nor was I pregnant (Just background info). I started mid-cycle, and waited the three weeks before removing the ring.

Once I removed the ring, I spotted for a day, and then began to bleed. It was heavier than my previous periods before the ring, and I did have some cramping. I decided to cut my period short by a couple of days, as I'm a competitive athlete and have an upcoming competition this weekend. I removed the ring Sunday and replaced it Thursday morning. It is Friday, and I am still experiencing some bleeding. Does anyone notice any trends in when their period stops in relation to when they reinsert the ring? The amount I'm bleeding is probably about half of what I was yesterday, perhaps less, but I'm kind of hoping it will have gone away completely by tomorrow.

Any chance?

Thanks a lot :)
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