jamie (badbabie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello VP!

My partner and I are discussing permanent birth control. We are currently pregnant with our 3rd and final child.

I had an IUD(Mirena) after our second. I was extremely uncomfortable with the idea of the IUD and I was against getting it. My OB told my husband it was the best way to go and my husband was sold on it. I gritted my teeth and went along with it. I should have known better. Less than a year later it was found on a CT scan floating through my pelvis. I had to have it surgically removed.
My husband is apprehensive about getting a vasectomy. I am of the opinion that I would like to avoid the surgical intrusion or any implantation, but I will do it if it has to be done.

tl:dr I would like to hear of other peoples experiences in permanent birth control land. Did you have side effects? How do you feel about it now?
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