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Ova-1 testing for ovarian cancer +ovarian cyst that looks to be an endometrioma

Just a quick question.

To make a long story short, I have a 5cm x 6cm x 5cm cyst on my left ovary. Though according to a more recent ultrasound, it looks more like two smaller cysts that are sitting side-by-side making it look like one large one.

Anyway, my CA-125 was elevated. But I know that that test can be elevated for a variety of other ailments including endometriosis. And when the ultrasound revealed the cyst (or cysts) look to be like an endometrioma with a benign blood flow, I was relieved.

Skip to today, I got the results of another test my doctor had me do: the Ova-1, which is supposed to be more accurate and specialized in showing ovarian cancer. I read that this test can also show false positives, but not as often as the CA-125. My Ova-1 test was 5.3. Anything above 5 is a higher likelihood of cancer. Anything below 5 is good.

So, I am freaked out again and quite upset. I called my doc, but he won't be able to call me until tomorrow evening. I also already have surgery scheduled with him in exactly a week to have the cyst(s) taken out and to look for endometriosis. I also have a pre-op appointment with him this Monday.

But I am just wondering if any of you have heard of the Ova-1 test or had it done yourself for a cyst? Was it elevated but your cyst was benign?

I tried googling stories of others who have had this Ova-1 test come back positive but did not have ovarian cancer. I only found one story so far, but wish I could find more info or stories about it to help me feel a little better about the situation I am in.

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