August 13th, 2006

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female ejaculation smell

I have found articles in the archives and withon my own searches on female ejaculation. I know what it is. I know that I do it, alot.

My questions with it is an occasional smell. Most sites I have come across imply say that it mostly does not have an odor. However, one some occasion after having sex I notice that my ejaculate has a very pungent smell to it. I was wondering if anyone else had experience such a thing after ejaculating.

Some info to go with this question. I am not on birth control. My partner and I do not use condoms, though he does not cum inside me. We are not trying to conceive. The smell doesn't happen each time I ejaculate but only every once in awhile. It almost smells like a strong yeast smell, though I do not have a yeast infection. I am also STD free. All have been tested for. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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Uncommon Period Pain??? Please help!


I have been using since Oct.2005.
I have had 14 periods with an average cycle of 23 days. My period is usually here for an average of 4-5 days.
My periods usually come within 1-2 days of when they are predicted on it.
My grandmother says that my periods are coming way too close to each other and my symptoms from it aren’t normal.

When I get my period, I suddenly get violently ill. The pain is so bad I end up throwing up at least 2 times but its not uncommon for me to throw up up to 4-5-6 times during it.
The pain is mostly cramps, but its also a combination of a very sharp shooting pain that sometimes feels like its moving on down the rest of my body. I think its the shooting pain that hurts the worst although neither are at all pleasant.
I will sweat horribly (I don’t sweat much in the first place) and nothing I do seems to take away any pain. I can do heating pads, hot hot baths, loading up on extra strength Tylenol. Nothing.
Also, in the last 9 months or so- I BELIEVE I had 2 ruptured cysts. I didn’t ever go to the doctor to get them checked out because she is always so booked, I can never get in that day or even within a week. I know I have had cysts in the past because I've had a lot of ultrasounds done to check on them. Could this all be linked together?
The doctor also said, some girls are just more prone to ruptured cysts. Id really like to find a way to help with my periods and hopefully with my cysts too because when either one happens, I feel like I'm wasting a week of my life in the bathroom going from a hot bath to the toilet to puke. :(

So my question is,
Is any of this "normal"? Do any of you other girls experience the same type of stuff? Should I be concerned?
If I go to the doctor, should I take a print out of all my documented cycles off of
Any tips on how to make the pain go away? Could all of this be pointing to something much more serious?
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Mirena (IUD) for women who haven't given birth

I was at a friends last night, lamenting about birth control options, and she mentioned her doctor suggested she consider Mirena. She had a DVD, so we watched it and it said over and over again that Mirena was for moms (she has two kids).

I'm combing the Mirena site and the internet and I can't find why Mirena isn't for women who haven't given birth.

Does anyone know? Can it be prescribed for women who haven't had kids but want to some day?


PCOS management for women who don't ever want children.

I am a 25 year old woman with no interest in having children (I have another medical condition that would make the 9 months of pregnancy unbearable, and luckily I have no interest in taking care of a child anyway). I could care less about having a normal cycle, getting my period, etc, because I only see them as being indicative of the possibility of childbearing (please correct me if I'm over simplifying having a normal cycle, I'm sure its indicative of overall female health as well, but I have never counted on it to tell me anything like this reliably). I use the Nuvaring for BC, and it gives me a normal period whenever I choose to have it, and that's awesome. I AM, however, concerned about weight, blood sugar, diabetes, hair, and skin issues. Are there other ladies with these concerns only, not having to do with having normal cycles and children? What steps are you taking to control these issues and concerns? I want to do the minimum amount of meds and checking up possible, and I'm hoping to find other women who have taken control of their pcos symptoms but are not tackling the having kids thing. I'm sorry if this makes little to no sense, I'm all for clarifying if need be. Thanks!

bladder infection...?

This is a 2-parter but I'll be brief.
Story: My boyfriend came back from being away for 2 months. Needless to say we had tons of sex. But now a couple things are wrong.

Part 1) I think I might have a bladder infection. I've had a couple before and I've cured them with cranberry pills (I hate antibiotics). Symptoms are burning in my urethra when I pee (especially the last few drops... oh god). But the weird thing is, in the morning when I pee, my urine smells faintly of... condoms. Or at least I think it does. It's a latex-y kind of smell. Any thoughts? Also what else can I do (i.e. drink more water, avoid caffeine & alcohol) to make it go away?

Part 2) I think he tore me open. It feels like there's a small cut at the bottom of my vagina (like the corner-thingy just before my perineum). None of my friends have ever had this happen to them. Is this normal?

*sigh*. Help! It hurts down there a lot.

Nipple piercings

Hello all,

Seeing as how there are many thousand members of this group I decided that there must be a few people with experience with pierced nipples. In fact, I saw a post not that long ago regarding it, but not exactly my question.

Last Thursday I got my nipples pierced. It did not hurt nearly as much as I was expecting, I actually found the whole process quite enjoyable. This doesn't have to do with the pain. They haven't hurt more than a small ache that I notice more or less now and again, anyway (like my nips were cold and rubbing against a shirt or something too much).

I've been following my piercers instructions on aftercare down to the T, but I wanted to check with some of you and see if what's happened is okay or if I should be concerned. I wash the piercings in the shower as the last thing I do, with an antimicrobial soap that I purchased from my piercer. I soak the piercings in a warm salt bath in a cup when I start feeling a bit more of them, also after I wash them to sooth the irritation that cleaning them causes. I have not bumped them around too much, I've been trying to facilitate healing as much as possible, not touching them if I'm not cleaning them, etc. This morning I woke up and one of them has dried blood on either side of the barbel in small amounts with the usual healing crusties. Is this normal? There is no additional swelling or pain or other leakage, just dried blood. Should I be concerned or not? When done, they didn't bleed at all, or at least not noticably.

Any suggestions or experiences or advice?

For the record I love them, they're my favorite piercing so far, I enjoy them very much. That's why I'm so concerned! :) Thank you all!
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ParaGard / Nickel connection??

I have a ParaGard IUD (inserted 8/2 by a fantastic and lovely nurse practitioner at a local clinic). I decided to get (and subsequently got) a ParaGard because I had tried everything else - had a Mirena, it caused some undesirable systemic side effects, and was pulled out by my own damn clumsy hands not breaking suction while removing my divacup. Tried NuvaRing, at least 5 kinds of combined birth control pills, progestin-only pills, and I'm allergic to latex and spermicides, so condoms and spermicical foam/jelly/film are out. ParaGard is my last-ditch effort at birth control.

I'm having vulval/vaginal itching and irritation. Sort of like yeast infection itching, but it's not a yeast infection (no discharge, no odor, no yeast detected on a wet mount slide). My fear: that ParaGard's copper wiring is somehow laced with nickel. I'm not allergic to copper (100% positive - I just had allergy testing). I am terribly, dreadfully, very much allergic to nickel. And the primary symptom of my allergy is intense itching and irritation. *gigantic sigh*

My plan is to call or email the ParaGard people tomorrow and see what their take is, but in the meantime - anybody know more than I do about the nickel content of a ParaGard? Have any wisdom to offer me?

ETA: just found; bah!

EDIT, 8/14 9pm:
I called and spoke with paragard reps today, and discussed with them my findings as above, and my personal situation. I was explicitly told that the copper wiring is in fact comprised of nickel, and merely coated with copper. This information is not available anywhere in the patient prescribing information, or in the information given to care providers (I work in the clinic I got my IUD inserted at. I looked extensively). This explains the itching, and also the hives on my face, neck, and torso and the terrible horrible awful cramping even without bleeding (the medical staff at ParaGard, and my own clinician both described this as my body trying to eject the foreign allergenic item in my uterus). After much consultation and consideration, I had my IUD removed this afternoon. It's currently residing in a covered plastic cup, in my purse. I figure it'll soak in alcohol for a while, and then join the ranks of my Mirena, forming some sort of funky feminist-women's health art in a shadowbox.
I'm upset at the lack of information available about this, and upset that I now have such limited contraceptive options. It's been quite the not-positive experience.

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Hey everyone, I just joined this community cause...I really need advice with this sort of stuff and Im glad to see that this is very active and there are so many nice people here that help =) I go. Im not going to babble on about my lifestory here but short and simple...

Im a virgin, and I've always been really tight. Its pretty bad because I cant even use tampons. I'd rather not since it hurts and I dont feel like dealing with that. But things got really crazy last night at this party and I was drunk and I lost it the wrong way and I feel ashamed.

it hurt really bad and the thing is its still hurting me. Does that happen after having sex for the first time? And another thing is..he didnt pop my cherry or anything at all. no blood, nothing. We didnt even finish and It didnt feel good at all and It probably wont until my 20th time. So right now im not a sex person and find no pleasure in it for me cause im sore. So is all that normal or has that happend to anyone else?

oh yeah...and can you get pregnant your first time? =/ 

im just a mess and so many things are running through my mind. I need advice and what not.

Thanks everyone!!!!!! =D
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BV going away?

i think i've finally got my BV to (maybe) go away. but it's been so long since i've been normal that i can't even remember what it was like, so i'm not sure. to anyone who has ever recovered from BV, did it happen overnight? or was it gradual, and if so, what was it like as it went away? how did you know?

Cramps Trivia

So today I got my first non-hormonal IUD inserted. The second that it was put in I started feeling the same intense cramps up and down my quads that i've been feeling since I was 13. I asked the doctor why it is that period cramps = quad cramps and she told me that a lot of people think that the period cramps are all just muscle cramping and contractions, but in reality a lot of it is a stimulation of various bundles of nerves. So there is a big bundle of nerves that runs from your lower back throughout your lower abdomen and down your legs, so when you feel period cramping its actually just a bunch of nerve endings going "HOLY MOTHER OF CHEESE!" and spazzing out as your lining rips away and heals. I didn't quite know the extent to which the nerves from deep within your uterine area connected all the way down to your ankles, so I thought i'd share in case someone else didn't know.

Urine & ovulation & BCP

crossposted from birthcontrol

OK, I'm kinda freaked out. Sorry for peppering the boards, and sorry for the gross details, but I'm almost delirious with fever.

When I wasn't on birth contol, my urine goes "up" whenever I sit down the toilet and pee days right before my period. By "up," I mean the urine hits the toilet seat cover instead of normally going down the bowl, and when that happens I get my period a day or two after, and my pee would gradually "go down" until my period ends.

I was freaking out on my first placebo week, because I wasn't having this sign. Well, my period came and I thought it's nothing to worry about. But yesterday, when I just had the 7th pill of the 2nd pack, my urine started going "up," and it's been that until today. I'm sick and expecting/avoiding a flu today.

Now I've read about cervical positions during ovulation, and I haven't found out (in Google, at least) 1) if I should have this while on the pill, and 2) if it affects how you urinate. All I know is that a change in progesterone does it (yep, from a Google search leading to TCOYF). Plus, I'm having white discharge since the 3rd day.

Well, did I ovulate? And if I did, would I still be safe if I had sex last week, given that I just started a new pack (on time, an hour early even, btw)?

Anyway, I'm gonna check with doctors tomorrow (flu & pill). It's also good that my mom just found out about it today, and is cool about it... if I take it and do stuff responsibly. But any insights and similar experiences would be much helpful. Thanks! :)

Using non-sex toy objects as such?

I really would like to have a vibrator. But the damn things are expensive, so I decided I'd wait.

I have this electric razor (scary, I know, but let me finish). I was on the phone with the boy the other day, and told him I was going to shave my legs, and that it would be a little noisy. "It'll probably sound like I'm using a vibrator or something." And then the wheels began to turn.

The razor still buzzes when the blade is removed, hallelujah! I took it for a test drive, and...dayum. It vibrates quite nicely, and the part that's actually attached to the razor blade normally goes quite fast. It was great.

Also, this was a razor I bought for cheap off of Amazon, so it would be quite a cost-effective vibe. It's been kind of a crappy razor, anyway.

But what I'm worried about is whether or not this is safe. Nothing on it hurt me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Is this a potentially dangerous thing to do?

It's a Norelco Moi, in case anyone cares.
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split ends:(

ok. so i know what to do about split ends on my head. but what about pubic hair? i'm not so keen on shaving... plus i don't know if that's enough. you have to cut quite a bit off to get rid of split ends normally, i think. i'm sure i got them from not using sharp enough scissors to trim, but i just want nice healthy hair down there. any ideas?

pubic hair trimming

hey all-
i've replied to three posts about caring for your bush in this community over the past year or so with the following advice, and i always get such thankful replies, or even people saying "i never would have thought of that! how great!"

well let me tell you, it really is great. ladies (and gents too): buzz your pubes with a hair trimmer with no guard. you will get a nice, even trim, no bumps, no ingrown hairs, and no cuts. it's virtually fool proof.

good luck, and happy trimming!
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Non-Hormonal IUD

I know these questions get asked a lot, but i'm looking for some local experiences, and maybe a bit of support/encouragement.

I'm thinking of getting an IUD, i figure it will make life a lot easier.

I don't want one with hormones in it, because i don't take the pill or use any other kind of hormonal birth control at the moment, and i don't intend to start. Its a personal choice based slightly on my medical background.

So, i've done some reading and research, but nothing tells me exactly what its like, having the thing inserted, and living with it. Can you feel it when you bend over? I know thats probably a silly question, but i still need to know the answer!!

Also, most of the stuff that i have read has come from the USA, and i'm from the UK so i'd like to know if there are any british users here who can recommend a brand-name, or something.

And..the strings...i can't usually reach my own cervix, so will i still be able to test that they're ok? Also, my partner can reach my cervix, will he be able to feel them? What kind of reactions have other people's partners had? He's quite ok with it, and he thinks he understands it, but is it a shock when there's suddenly bits of string up there? (I'm usually a mooncup user and i don't do period sex, so he doesn't feel tampon strings).

Thanks in advance lovely ladies!