Julia (horsemanure) wrote in vaginapagina,

First wax

I feel like this is slightly off-topic, and a very very silly question, but I'm not sure what to do or whom to ask, and I want to do the appropriate thing.

I realized when I got home that not only did she miss the entire inner thigh - a strip about the width of my hand - all the way down to the bottom of the knee area, and a slightly narrower strip the same length on the other leg, but on the backs of my lower legs there's some stubble-like hair that seems like where the hair follicle just... broke. My hair had grown out for about a month or a little more, and I assume it's not a good idea to get that part re-waxed right now, but what's the typical accepted thing to do about the missed areas? Call and explain and then go back in?

Edit: Also, is it typical form to feel around to check for missed areas before leaving? Also, for those who get waxed regularly - leg or crotch (I plan on eventually getting some kind of crotch wax) - do you usually use the same person, or do you just use whoever is available?
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