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SlutWalk DC

I thought this was sort of relevant. SlutWalk DC is an event (and it's held all over the world; this one's just in DC) that supports and advocates for victims (male and female bodied) of sexual assault, harassment, and bullying based partly on society's ideas of what is appropriate sexual behavior (and partly based on people just being plain wrong). I'm attending with some of my really close friends, and I was wondering if anyone else was going. Not necessarily trying to meet up or anything, more like bonding over a shared ideal that everyone has dominion over their own bodies and choices, and that no one has the right to try to control another's behavior based on their own standards. There was a really disturbing article/site that was linked to on the Facebook page, from a group called the Spear Head (I believe). Essentially, this groups believes that women (specifically women) straight up deserve to be raped if they dress in way that is deemed less than conservative. One of the quotes was "We gave them the right to drive and vote and this is how they repay us?" I'm paraphrasing of course, but not much.

So yeah. Anyone else going? Are you going to make signs/t-shirts/etc.? Is anyone who is going worried about anti-protesters or anything? Share~~~ :)

ETA The link for the Facebook event page is here for those who are interested.
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