eatswithfork (eatswithfork) wrote in vaginapagina,


I'd like to start douching after my period and I need a little advice. I've never done a LJ cut so hopefully this works.

My seven day long periods always end with an additional three days of cleaning out old blood - not even flow anymore, just normal discharge that is carrying what's left over on its way out. I've just about had it with this so I'm looking into douching when my period ends to avoid this once and for all. I've heard that douching with a diluted vinegar solution is not harmful to vaginal flora so I think that's the way I'd go but how would just plain old water fare? It sounds a bit more appealing since vinegar getting on my vulva and legs after shaving sounds horrifying. I do diluted vinegar rinses for my hair every now and then and it definitely is unpleasant on freshly shaven skin. Okay so here are my questions: can I douche with plain water and where do I buy a douche? And are there good / bad qualities to look for in the device itself (not douching solutions)? I have no idea. I'd like something reusable since I'm going to be filling it myself but the enema type creeps me out. Also, I have a Paragard - will douching harm anything going on with my IUD? I know douching isn't the most popular thing so I'm really crossing my fingers that someone has some helpful info.

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