cookiecake3839 (coffeeandativan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fingering + precum = low chance of pregnancy? Period came but I'm still freaking out...?

Here’s my very long freak out. You girls seem like a really genuine bunch

I had an actual period period June the 20th, it ended June 23rd/24th and by actual I mean on time, regular flow and all that jazz. On the 23rd I started taking birth control again, took it for a week but it was making me want to throw up so I stopped it after taking a full row (7 days) aftre that I bled for an entire week, at that point that "period" ended the 6th of july and had started around the 1st/2nd. The thing is, the 27th of June I was fingered and I'm 100% certain there was a bit of precum on his fingers which only registered with me after and ever since I've been freaking out wondering if this incident could have possibly caused pregnancy because going based off my last "actual" period I should have had a regular period the 23rd  or around that and I, but if that "period" that happened after I abruptly stopped birth control was my period for the month then I wouldn’t have  be due for a period until August 3rd or about that time. For two days had some slight pink discharge when I wipe but no actual period yet then my period came.. Started my period the 27th/ 28th, it ended the 31st, it was shorter (started birth control for the first time on my first day (27th) so thats probably why its shorter)than usual but had the usual cramping and it was about the same flow.. the thing is I'm still really bloated and my lower abdomen puffs up on one side more so then the other and feels, i wouldnt say heavy but like theres slight pressure there... am I still worrying for nothing? You can't have your period and be pregnant right? The only thing that isn’t reassuring is My lower abdomen/around belly button is puffing out a lot more than it used to but its ONLYon the left side, and it hurts when i push down on it under the bloating(pelvic area left side/middle part ofmy tummy a bit but not the right side). I don’t have any other symptoms except my boobs are sore but I think that’s because of the pill... If I calculated right I’d be around 7 weeks but I mean what are the chances of being preggo based on the scenario I described above + having a period (I worry over nothing and googling can you be preggo and still have a period did not help my situation)


In short:

-Period june 20th ended the 23rd/24th, I messed around on the 23rd (got fingered, may have been precum in this incident but I really, really doubt it plus I still had my pants on so it would have been a 3 way transfer type deal)

-Got fingered again and im pretty sure there was precum this time

-Toyed with birth control and had withdrawl bleeding that ended the 6th of july

-Was about 3 days late for my next period, but it came and was as heavy as usual, bright red blood not brown or anything and definitely had all the regular symptoms and i started birth control the first day so it was shorter

-Worrying because I googled it and apparently people have their periods and can be pregnant

-Left side of my tummy is sticking out below my belly button and it hurts when I press it down, area is swollen but it isn’t all over

- If I went off the date of June 27 I’d be around 7 weeks but im  Not sure if I was even at a high risk of pregnancy since it was always just a possibility of precum and no actual ejaculation


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