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Cipro and ibuprofen?

Hello All!

I've been officially diagnosed with PCOS, and clinically diagnosed with endometriosis. The endo (or what appears to be endo based on symptoms, palpation and one ultrasound that showed a possible endometrioma)  causes me daily pain at this point. :-( Sometimes it's bearable, other times it's pretty awful. Like 7/10 stabbing pain. This pain is much better (3/10, ignorable) if I take ibuprofen (a normal dose) in advance of a potentially pain-causing activity, like PIV sex. If I wait until afterward, the pain is much worse, and I often have to take something stronger (1/2 tab Percocet or Tylenol 3).

Well, the latest development in my circus of health problems is that I apparently have a bladder/kidney infection (kidney seems more likely since I have back pain and no burning/frequency with urination). Since I had a ton of white blood cells and some blood in my urine, I'm now on a 7 day course of Ciprofloxacin, 2x/day 250mgs.

Of course I did a dumb thing and had wonderfully fantastic PIV sex today  - leading to a lot of pain. I hadn't taken ibuprofen because the packaging said taking Cipro and ibuprofen together increases the risk for seizures because it can decrease kidney filtration of cipro from your system, leading to supratherapeutic blood levels. Given that my kidneys may well be under the weather, I have been trying to avoid ibuprofen.....but a whole week of this sounds like the WORST IDEA EVER.

So how serious is it to take Cipro (250mg) and ibuprofen (400mg) together if your kidneys aren't up to snuff? Should I just play it safe and take Tylenol (which doesn't work half as well as the ibuprofen)? I don't need to add seizures to my list of issues.
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