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Causes of light cramping after period

So my period this month was two days late, and then it lasted its normal length (though it seemed to be less heavy than it usually is -- this could have been due in part to how often I was checking my Diva Cup though, because I was paranoid because my period had been late). Now, my period has been over about a week now, and I still have very light cramps. I've never had this happen before. I met with my doctor yesterday for my regular pap and physical, and I asked her about it -- she said it was nothing to worry about. I really, really don't think I'm pregnant (because I got my period -- at least I assume it was my period, and I don't have any other symptoms which I'd assume I'd have, considering my PMS usually has my boobs wanting to fall of, and my moods punching people in the face), and I can't imagine it's ovulation cramps, because I'm not due to ovulate until like, next week sometime. Am I just experiencing some weird hormonal thing? Has this ever happened to anyone else? I just started HBC yesterday, but the cramping has been going on for about a week now, so I know the two aren't related. I never took a HPT since I got my period, and I figured that if there was something (like a baby) to notice, my doctor would have said something yesterday. Thoughts?
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