isunreal (isunreal) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cut on my hood! Help?

I feel really stupid, lol. Yesterday I had to sit in my boyfriend's car for a couple of hours while we waited for my car to get fixed. I sat in the same position the whole time, and apparently my underwear/pants were in a strange position. When I stood up, I felt a stinging sensation as my clothes kind of peeled off my vulva. Now today, I am very sore there. It feels like a cut and it is VERY sensitive to touch. I got a mirror to try to take a look, and I can see what looks like a thin cut or a rip on my hood, on top of my clitoris. Is there anything I can put on it to help it heal? As of now I'm trying to just keep it clean and not move at all.

It hurts to sit, it hurts to move in any way. It figures that this happens now because I just received a big promotion at work - my position does not allow me to call out. I'm panicking because I'm in so much pain, how can I work like this? It helps if I put pressure on it, but I can't exactly keep my hand there when I'm in public lol.

Would it help the pain to put Vaseline or something like that on it? Has anybody had any similar experiences? Thanks.
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