Lyndsay (deadbeatdancer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Early period?

 Hi everyone. I posted in here about a week ago with my predicament/pregnancy scare. You can read it all if you want, or I could sum it up.  Essentially, I had unprotected sex shortly after my period ended. We used the pull out method and took as many precautions as necessary. Nevertheless, I am an extreme hypochondriac and I was terrified of being pregnant. I obsessed over "symptoms" to the point where I wasn't sure if it was in my mind or not. Panic attacks ensued.

Since I last posted, I began getting noticeable blue veins on my left breast, and also started noticing more pronounced veins around my pelvic area.  That was the symptom that has me 99.9 percent sure that I was pregnant. Is it even possible that my mind could make that happen? I even started looking into abortion...I was that convinced. UNTIL YESTERDAY...when I got what seems to be my period.

Ordinarily, that would be a good sign, right? Well, I am still not entirely convinced that I am in the clear. I wasn't expecting my period until Saturday. It came two days early. I am positive this is not implantation bleeding or any kind of spotting, because it is a decent amount of blood and it is a dark red/bright red shade. It looks like my period, but I have heard about women having bleeding that they mistook for their period, only to be pregnant. 

Here is what I am thinking:
1) I am not pregnant. My period only came early because I was stressed to the nines. Also, I've recently switched to a vegan diet and perhaps that has something to do with it.


2) I am actually pregnant and this is some sort of other bleeding.

Thoughts, suggestions, and etc? Thank you everyone. You're lovely. :)
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