Kimmii (kimmii_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lube advice? + wee help?

I have two things to ask you extremely knowledgable people. :)

Firstly, I've been having sex with my girlfriend and a strap-on. The strap on is silicone, I think. All is well, except we're having lubrication issues. I am pretty sensitive "down there" and get pretty sore and burny afterwards - which I'm guessing is due to the lube. I've been using durex lube (which is water based, I think) of some description.. I've also tried coconut oil, but she is sensitive to oil and it pretty much killed her. haha.

The other thing I wondered about is my weeing habits. I feel like I need a wee and I go to the toilet and it takes me AGES to start peeing.. Like a few minutes. This gets worse if there's anybody near (like in public bathrooms or whatever) and after sex. I'm not sure if it's psychological or not, but since I was posting here anyway I thought I'd ask your thoughts!

Thanks. :)
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