speckled_hen (speckled_hen) wrote in vaginapagina,

'Borderline' result on PAP smear

I have just had my latest pap smear and it's come back 'borderline' - that's all that the letter said, and I'd be recalled in 6 months (in the UK they classify test results as abnormal, borderline or normal).

I had one 18 months ago which came back as borderline, so I was retested six months later and it all came back normal so they'd retest in a year. Now this one has come back as borderline. Anyone know WTF is going on down there? Especially since the nurse who did the test said that my cervix was looking really good and healthy!

I'm 26, STI free, don't smoke, am a little on the heavy side but not hugely so, so I am FREAKING OUT, especially since my husband and I are making plans for getting my mirena removed soon and trying for a baby. What can I do to minimise my chances of getting another borderline result, if any?

I am totally freaked out by this all and can't stop crying since all I can see is that my chances of having a family are out the window.
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