helpme11111 (helpme11111) wrote in vaginapagina,

lo loestrin/all pill effectiveness?

 Hi all,

Perhaps this question is best posed to a birth control specific community but I love you guys here so perhaps you'll be able to advise me.

I've just recently re-started hbc after a short break. My doctor prescribed the new lo loestrin with the lowest dose of estrogen available. I love it so far.

Anyway, my question is, the insert information for the pill pack says that the average chance of pregnancy while taking the pill is 2-4 women in 100.  This seems very high to me, so I did a search and found on the birthcontrol community a few users who commented that they believe the 2-4 statistics show just one rate of use, and not "perfect use" vs. "typical use" as other warnings use.

In this post it was said that "we think the only thing that's changed is the wording, the actual rates have been the same all along."  BUT the posters are clear that they only "think" this is true, and there is no person with this information for sure.

Naturally, I'm a little worried.  4 in 100 seems high.  I am an example of perfect use (knock on wood!). I take my pill at 8PM ON THE DOT every day.  My old pill (Levora) said that perfect use had a .1% failure rate, and typical use had a 2% failure rate.  Now the only listed rate is 2-4%.  So, forgoing the "there's always a CHANCE and if you're worried you should use a condom" advice, does anyone know anything about this new percentage? Do you think it's a question I should pose to the manufacturers?
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