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period on 24 active pill/4 inactive pill (Beyaz) and other questions

 Hi all, I'm a first time poster here goes I guess.

I started on Lutera HBC in May while at school, then I came home and in June I got my prescription refilled and they gave me Aviane. After my first pap and talking to my gyno we decided that she would prescribe me the generic of Beyaz, which is Ocella. However, there were issues with insurance and the pharmacy needing a prior authorization and a bunch of other bull so I got a free sample pack of Beyaz to take while we figured all of that out. I did this so that I wouldn't have to wait until my next period came around and waste time with being unsure of my period status. Today will be the first day taking inactive pills (Beyaz is a 24/4 pack) and I have a few questions (sorry for all the backstory, I felt it was kind of necessary):

1. I started Beyaz one day late because of when I was able to get the sample, but I followed the directions, taking it as soon as I got it, then one that night at the regular time. Later in the month (last Wednesday I believe), I left my pack at my house and stayed with my boyfriend. We didn't have sex that night and when I got home I combed the instructions, looking for what to do if you miss a second pill in the pack, but I could only find instructions for if you miss two in a I did the same thing I did. Took it as soon as I could and then followed it with the regularly scheduled pill at 8 pm. Now Thursday night, the day I took two to make up for Wednesday, we had sex without a condom. I'm wondering if this was a mistake? As in what's the chance of me being pregnant...I know there is still a chance of getting pregnant on HBC, especially if you miss/skip/don't take pills regularly at the same time, but I'm usually pretty good about it...This leads me to my next question:

2. When do you generally start your period on 24/4 packs? This is the first one I've had and so I'm not sure if I'm supposed to expect my period at the same time I had it with Aviane (21/7 pack). I know it's different for everyone, but I just wanted to know if anyone had been in this kind of switching of HBC. 
3. I'm concerned about being on HBC for coming up on 4 months and never having been on the same brand for any extended period of time. I'm pretty sure (and my gyno comforted me a bit here) that Aviane is just another generic brand of Lutera. Beyaz is a slightly higher dosed hormone HBC than Lutera/Aviane, and the HBC I'll be starting on Sunday, Ocella, is the generic brand of Beyaz. I'm just wondering if I might be missing a period this time round because my hormone levels will be different than the past two months. 
Gah. Sorry this is so long-winded. I just thought the more backstory, the better you guys could understand my situation? Also...OT a little bit, but this community has helped me a lot these past few months! Love it here!
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