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An Additional Home for VP: Following Up

Dear Fellow Superstars,

Thanks to everyone that's chimed in over on our most recent mod post. If you haven't commented yet, there's still plenty of time!

That said, existing comments have prompted us to want to clarify some points.

First of all, VP is never moving exclusively to Facebook. Ever! We have a Facebook page now that we use mainly to keep in touch with folks and amplify our existing community. Facebook will never replace VP on LJ as our primary discussion-having place for so very many reasons. So never fear! (NB: We also have a VP presence on Tumblr and Twitter, if you need to get more of your VP fix on.)

Second, we have no immediate plans to delete or stop using this space on LiveJournal. We have a lively and vibrant community here, and VP grew up on LJ--this is really a great space for us, for innumerable reasons. Any solutions we come up with would be in addition to (not instead of) the LiveJournal community. That way, those folks that would prefer not to follow VP elsewhere don't have to, but folks who are willing to, can. And there will be a space to go for help/info when LJ has its next outage.

That said, what we are looking to do is find an additional space to host VP discussions outside of LJ for those times when LJ isn't working so hot. We've noticed a decline in new members in VP for a while, and that compounded with the recent DoS attacks has prompted us to want a back-up space for our community. We think that, in time, the back-up community could grow to be just as vibrant as VP on LJ, although that is not the most immediate goal.

And now, a poll! Please feel free to discuss the pros and cons as you see them in the comments to this post.

Poll #1766560 VP Homes

How should VP respond to the LJ outages and resulting user migration away from LJ?

Do nothing. VP doesn't need to exist outside of LJ, despite LJ's problems.
Leave VP on LJ, but make a back-up community on (note: codes are required to sign up).
Leave VP on LJ, but make a stand-alone forum.
Other (explanation in comments)

For the VP Team
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