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Preventative action for Group-B Strep sores

I posted two topics, back in June, about my girlfriend's labia minora bursting into these terrifyingly scary sores that were pretty much debilitating for her.  So, almost at the end of her being healed, she got a call back about her culture results which revealed that it was Group-B Strep.  Not herpes or any of the multiple STDs that people kept swearing that she caught from me.  She was given a pack of antibiotics to take, for the five days that followed, which appeared to help her.

Fast forward to now, she sent me a text message last night, telling me that her stomach hurts and her attempts to void her bowels yields only a sort of yellowish ooze- which is how it started, last time.  By the end of the evening, she tells me that her vaginal area is feeling sore and she's scared that she's going to have another instance of this.

But now, we're at a sort of problem area.  There is nobody to transport her to her scheduled therapist appointment today, let alone take her to her doctor, to be checked out again.  I suggested that she call her doctor and explain that she has an instance of Group-B on record, which they even told her had the possibility of reoccurring, that she had very limited transportation, and it would make things much easier if they would call in another prescription for her. 

But, in the event that they won't do this and she starts breaking out in these lesions again, does anyone have any suggestions for managing the pain or discomfort?  Like with Group-A Strep, would warm water with some sea salt maybe help?  Are there any preventative things that can be done, to keep them from actually becoming sores, or will it happen, regardless?

I just really don't want my girlfriend in pain again, especially with me not with her to take care of her, this time.  It was hell, even being there to watch after her, and I don't enjoy the idea of knowing she's going through it from a distance.
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