SquidTape (squidtape) wrote in vaginapagina,

Missing period...

I know this gets asked here quite a bit BUT my period's missing! Background: I was taking Microgestin for a few years but I started having some issues with it, namely lots of extra PMS symptoms and lowered libido. My doctor put me on Nuvaring around January. My first month was fine but by my second month I took it out 2 weeks early because I was having issues with yeasties and dryness.

My period came around a normal time for the next 2 cycles (which my normal cycles are a little longer; usually 30 days from period start to period start) but I just checked my calender and my last period started on May 26. I've had my normal PMS symptoms twice since my last period- light cramping, moodiness, acne- all around when I should have started, but NO period.

I don't think I'm pregnant; I haven't had any sypmtoms and quite frankly my husband and I haven't really been too active lately due to stress and other factors. When we are we've used a condom every time. So it's possible but I doubt it.

So does anyone have any idea what could be up? Should I go ahead and do a pregnancy test? Is a doctor's visit in order? Wait it out a little longer?

(Edit: haha and then another post just like mine below! I guess I'll just take a test to see, wait, and then go to the doctor. I'm just wondering what's going on.)
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