tabitha renee (lightsabove) wrote in vaginapagina,
tabitha renee

Pregnancy - Emotional Support

I had a period (less heavy than usual) in May. I missed my period in June. I took a pregnancy test about 7- 8 weeks after sexual intercourse. It was negative. I have a feeling I am going to miss my period again this month. I started my placebo pills Monday evening.

Is it possible my initial pregnancy test was a false negative? If I take another test, and it says negative, what the freak is going on with my system?

I'm not scared of having a baby, per say. I know I have many options and family (although in a different state) will help. I just started a new relationship, the would-be baby's father and I aren't together anymore (not sure he wants to talk to me anyway), and I really have no family in the area. I don't have many friends, either.


Rant over. Questions were in there somewhere. Thank you!

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