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Timing of HBC prescription refills?

Hello all!

When someone is on medication which they get a month's supply of at a time, like many types of HBC, how exactly does that renewal work? I assume it must be set up that you can refill it every 28 days (rather than a full month), but when does that 28 days count from?

When I first started on HBC, my period was rather late and I was trying to do a Sunday start so I basically held on to my first pack for a while before I needed to take it. As a result I got a call from the CVS where my prescription was filled fairly early in the pack saying that my next pack was available. Which I thought was awesome, because I would have a little wiggle room if I ever wanted to skip a placebo week.

However, because each pack has been available to me well before I needed it, I haven't been super prompt about getting to CVS to pick them up. And now I'm a bit worried because it seems as though the reminder calls have been getting later and later. I'm not POSITIVE about that, but it seems like maybe each pack is available to me 28 days after I pick up the previous pack, rather than 28 days after the previous pack was available.

Right now I'm just starting week three of my current pack, and I haven't gotten the call yet. If I'm right in my worries that it's based on when I picked up my last pack, then my procrastination about picking them up has really made things problematic, and I had no idea it mattered at all. If that's how it works, then I think I won't be able to get my next pack for about a week...which is okay for now, but it would mean I've lost that wiggle room without realizing it. Plus, my prescription is for a full year, and I'm not even halfway through that year. So I would have to be SUPER careful to pick up each pack as soon as I get the call so I don't lose any more of my buffer zone, and that sucks. I don't WANT to have to run out right away each time, I prefer to try to do it when I'm already out anyway.

So anyway...can anyone clue me in as to how these things work? Can I really not pick up each pack until 28 days after I picked up the previous pack? And what will happen if I screw this up again and end up really losing my buffer zone? If I really ran into trouble, would I have to talk to someone at CVS, or talk to my gynecologist (who prescribed the pills)?

Thanks in advance!
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