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Pink spotting in the morning - pregnancy angst.

This morning, I found two faint diluted drops of pink blood when I wiped with toilet paper and have been panicking all day.

I am on day 21 of my cycle. My cycles usually run 29-34 days. I've been having sex regularly, including during (probable) ovulation. Boyfriend & I rely on condoms for contraception and have not had any issues with condoms (and no penetration without condoms), but we usually totally avoid intercourse during my most fertile times and this month we decided to trust condoms and didn't avoid those fertile days. (I know that my nerves can't handle condoms-only as protection... it doesn't feel safe enough for ME, even if - properly deployed - condoms are pretty safe; I don't take HBC because my body can't handle the extra hormones, but I am planning on getting a Paraguard IUD in the near future, as soon as my health insurance situation improves.)

So I saw this pinkish blood (not vivid red blood) and panicked, thinking that it looked like what I think spotting or implantation bleeding might look like (and thinking that the timing for implantation bleeding is about right... today is probably about six days since ovulation). Of course, I feel like this must be the problem and I'm terrified I might be pregnant.

But there are a ton of other variables:

I am naturally very thin (5'6" and usually 105 pounds) and have lost a little weight over the last month due to stress (down to 97 pounds). I know that my cycle starts to get screwed up in the mid-90s. When I was in high school, I weighed about 105 pounds to begin with and then lost weight and my period stopped almost immediately when I hit 95 pounds. I've had a stressful month and haven't been eating as much or as often as usual. So my cycle may be messed up by weight loss and stress.

I am not certain that I ovulated this month. I know I need to start tracking my temperature so that I know for sure whether ovulation has taken place. However, I usually have several days of abundant clear ropey discharge around days 13-16 of my cycle and had just the tiniest bit of clear discharge on one day, and then nothing. My body MAY have tried to ovulate and failed, and my cycle may be resetting. This is wild speculation.

Have I mentioned stress? I've been really stressed. I've moved twice in the past month, among other stressors.

I now live with two women (one is not menstruating currently) and it's faintly possible that my cycle is being affected by the other woman's cycle.

If the blood weren't this suspicious faint pink shade, I would chalk it up to lively sex and a possible tear in a tender place, but I'd expect fresh-looking blood. I can't see any cuts or small injuries, but I thought I felt a small tear yesterday aggravated by sex, but I would have bled then, I think, and not this morning, and - again - it wouldn't have been pink.

I've been wondering whether I am having a bout with vaginitis or a yeast infection. I've had some itching and soreness, chalky discharge, and, once yesterday, clear, stringy neon-yellow discharge. Mayo Clinic lists "light vaginal bleeding or spotting" as possible symptoms of vaginitis.

STDs are unlikely. There's been no unprotected intercourse and my partner and I have both been tested recently with no interesting results.

I plan to take a pregnancy test on Tuesday of next week (the first day that I could reasonably expect my period). In the meantime, though, I'm looking for reassurance that this spotting isn't necessarily what I most fear it is.
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