[[Lilly Shockk Cadaver]] (xdance) wrote in vaginapagina,
[[Lilly Shockk Cadaver]]

Depo Question

I've been on Depo Provera for three and a half years, without much problem. I went to schedule my upcoming shot today, and was told I couldn't get it one day earlier.

I had my last shot on June 2nd, so I thought I was due on August 18th. The lady on the phone told me I was due on the 24th, and that I could either get it done on the 24th (a Wednesday), or wait until the 29th (Monday). My only guaranteed days off are Tuesday and Thursday, and I told her that as soon as she told me when I was due. She told me I was not allowed to get it done on the 23rd, and the Provider would not be in the 25th or 26th, so my choices were the 24th and the 29th, or I could wait another week or two and restart.

This is at a county health department, and I know the women running the front desks are not nurses trained in the specifics of everything. However, they had scheduled me 6 days early before without a problem. I would say 75% of the time when I have scheduled appointments, it has taken them at least 45 minutes to call me back.

tldr aside, is there anything I can do to get them to let me get my shot on the 23rd? Do I just suck it up and take the appointment on the 24th, even though I'll end up scheduled to work and deal with that mess? Or do I try to find another provider who knows that one day won't hurt anything?

I got in touch with the office the next town over, and they said it was fine, and didn't understand why I wouldn't be able to get my shot a day earlier. So I'm doing it at the office the next town over, it's the same county, so I don't have to jump through any ropes, I just have to drive an extra 20 minutes. I'm glad this worked out.
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