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Body Hair Removal

Hiya VPers!

Now that LJ appears to be back, I have questions for you all.

I wear medicated patches that need to be on my upper torso / upper arms. Thanks to my rather ridiculously sized boobs, they can't go on my chest, or the side of my torso. Thanks to the fact that they make me itch like a demon, they can't go on my back as I end up crying because I can't scratch them as easily - I know, that should be a good idea, but ugh, it's really horrible!

So they go on my upper arms.

I wear two of different sizes - they're the same medication, one in a 20mg patch, one in a 10mg patch, so one is twice the size of the other. They're pretty large (no tape measure when I need one), and I can just about squeeze both of them on half my upper arm - they can't be placed in the same spot for 3-4 weeks after the week they're on, so I just about manage.

The problem I'm having is pulling them off. I know, it's so weak, and I thought I'd get used to it, but I haven't. Considering the strength of painkillers the patches are, and that they're my background pain meds, I also thought it wouldn't be an issue, but it really is. It hurts like hell when I pull them off, and it's a different type of pain to my normal, chronic pain, so it's like my brain really notices it or something.

So I have been considering removing the hair there.
It's baby hair type hair, and I know it's supposed to be a myth that hairs grow thicker after you shave, but the hairs on my legs are very different to the hairs on my arms, and I really don't want thick hairs on my upper arms!

I was thinking of using veet simply because shaving is kinda difficult for me anyway, and I use veet on my legs, so could just put it on at the same time.

So questions: Is this a good / stupid idea?
Will I end up with thick, dark hair on my upper arms?
Can veet be used there? I use it on my armpits, so I'm assuming so...though the patches can cause the skin to break sometimes, so I'd need to be careful about that.
Any experiences of removing body hair that isn't the 'normal' legs, armpits, bikini zone?

Thank you all!
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