airtosea3 (airtosea3) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yet another stacking pill question..

Hello, I've read & asked many questions already on stacking HBC but I've reached another dilemma.. I have successfully been stacking Aviane for 4 packs now. My doctor wrote a prescription stating to take 4 packs back to back with 1 week in between for placebos. I know that many women just keep stacking without taking a break, and I feel that its fine to do so and would like to do that. However, I'm worried insurance won't cover it if I don't follow the directions. I also have a physical in a few weeks and think my doctor would prefer if I could tell her when my last period was/ follow the instructions!

Okay, now to the question: I had a lot of trouble getting stacking to actually work (2 weeks of bleeding that I thought would never stop!) and I'm afraid if I take a week for placebos, it will be very hard to get back to no spotting or anything for the next 4 packs. Its really important to me that I don't have a period for the rest of the summer! Does anyone have any experience with this? When you took a week off after a few months, was it very light and almost nonexistent? Or did it go crazy and became difficult to successfully stack again..

Thanks everyone!
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