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did I have a miscarriage?

My hubby and I have been trying since december for a baby - frustrated - everyone else that DOESNT want to get preggo has gotten knocked up at work but me who WANTS to be preggers d*mnit. (sorry rant over)

anyway I am a cup user - love it rarely have issues unless my cervix goes to low

a few months back I got the PERIOD FROM HELL (henceforth known as the PFH)  cramping, felt like I was bleeding to death lasted _7_ days - felt like utter crap - waaaaay worse than usual. I was actually a month late - tested and tested and tested all negative - just about ready to call the dr when the PFH started :( - besides it being miserable - I was rather crushed. I had symptoms of pregnancy (or just really bad PMS) boobs hurt, sick in stomach, smells made me nauseated.... tired there were more but I cant remember

this period was VERY painful, very heavy, left me feeling odd and "jiggly" (like a nervous stomach in my uterus)

I was at work and  I emptied my cup.... and I looked in the toilet and there was a water balloon looking thing in there - about the size of a 50 cent piece (3cm) it was suspended in the toilet - had a bloody balloon (membrane) body but was see through - I couldnt see anything in it.... poked at it (gross I know - but I was half horrified) it deflated, I was in a lot of pain so I just finished cleaning up and left the bathroom, really bothered by what I had just seen, and the fact that I had to flush it - I mean I couldnt really fish it out and where the hell would I have put it? It really bothered me that I may have flushed a "baby" even though it wasnt visible (though what would I have done - buried it at home? - sorry I digress

was I preggo, was this just a weird period, and just the way my blood clotted together - never had this before.

Had something similar happen this past period - it was a week late - I was having symptoms (boobs swollen, dear lord they were sore and the nipples - dont even breathe on them!!!!) normally I do not have boob/nipple soreness. Also crying and cranky WAAAAY beyond my normal PMS (usually just things like Hallmark commercials get me - this time - the thought of a dead bug would set me to tears)

Got another PFH and had the weird membrane thing again - this time though it wasnt balloon shaped. period again very heavy VERY painful - to the point where I took a left over hydrocodone one night - pain was like a 9/10

my mother had such trouble getting preggers - and never tested positive on a p*ss test - could I be the same?
was I preggo????
if I was I wonder if it is my hormones that are causing me to abort, or the fetus just wasnt viable?

normally my PMS starts a week to 3 days before - I get some crampies, bloating, crampies, zits and then it starts - the period usually gets heavy the second day and runs 4-5 days with the 5th day being very light - why the uterine strife if I wasnt preggo - all the other periods I have had were normal for me (before and after them?
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