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Weird menstrual cycle!

My cycle has never been consistent, except for a year or so in early high school when I was on the pill. It ranges from 28-35 days. I've always had a fairly heavy period, and used to have horrendous cramps that left me lying in the fetal position for hours. I was on the pill because of my cramps, no other reason,and I'm still not sexually active at the age of 21. When I went off the pill, my cycles slowly went from very regular to the slightly irregular 28-35 days it is now, but my cramps have been VERY managable. I'll usually have very light cramping for a few days before my period starts but not enough to take painkillers. I'll usually take a ibuprofen or two on the first day of my cycle. When I started usuing menstrual cups, I never had to take even an ibuprofen, so I thought life was going good! Until now...

My period started yesterday, and for the last week I've been ridiculously quick tempered. I always get a little PMSey, a little easier to anger and just moody in general, but this last week has been a nightmare. I've been snapping at my parents and boyfriend for the slightest little things and I've cried a couple times after snapping at them. I just can't believe how livid I've gotten over such little things lately, like taking a wrong exit or my mom reminding me to take a housekey with me when I leave the house (which she reminds me to do often and it always annoys me but never makes me ANGRY like it has this week). I mean normally these types of this would just be a minor annoyance but no big deal, you know?
You know that scale of 1-10 the doctor always gives you to rate your pain? Where 1 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain imaginable? My cramps are usually a 2 the few days before my period and then maybe a 3, possibly a 4 on the first day. This cycle it was a 3 the few days before, a 5 all day yesterday, managed with ibuprofen. But oh, i woke up in the middle of the night last night with a solid 8 that would get sharper pains in the 9 region. It was probably the the most horrible cramps I've ever had in my life. It was so bad that when I hobbled down the stairs to take a painkiller I couldn't stand up straight and didn't even make it to the kitchen where the medicine was. I got to the living room couch and just collapsed and rolled up. I managed to fall back asleep and when I woke up the cramps were down to a 6, with some sharp pains approaching an 8. I took some excedrin migraine (because I also developed a menstrual migraine, yay) and since then I've been at a dull 2 or 3. ugh. Needless to say it's been a miserable couple of days. AND my period has been noticably heavier this cycle.

Also, for reference: I haven't had any major life changes, no out of the ordinary stresses, no problems with the boyfriend or the parents. No real diet changes. My mom has a history of ovarian cysts, but no surgeries for them. She's also a breast cancer survivor- so I'm wary to ever go on the pill again because I don't want to increase my chances for breast cancer more. If I do have another couple of periods this bad in a row I might go on the pill for a while again to get this all straightened out.

So, should I worry about the posibility of ovarian cysts? Do they make periods heavier? Or should I just assume this is one of those random things that happen now and again? Or any other ideas?

Thanks, vagina owners!
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