August 30th, 2002

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for those vagina loving superstars who feel the need to pamper their lovely, i have posted a list of items which are over half off in my personal journal. i used to be a passion party rep and i have my demo kit which has never been used but the items are open (only for demo). if you want quality items at over 50% off, please visit. I only have one of each and when they're gone, they're gone.

Breast Community ??

I have a tit related question and every community I come upon is all pics and how big (or small) yours are. I don't think it's period related, so I'm not sure where to go. There was someone in here starting one I thought was bosomfriends, but that community has been deleted. Any help for me? Sorry for the unrelated post, but you have all been so helpful in the past, I wasn't sure where I had left to go. Thanks ~ Kitty

**I have been encouraged to post it here, so I will**
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oh no!!!!

well, i just joined this community just now because ive seen it before and now i have something im realllly freaked out about and was hoping someone here could help me!
for the past five or six days ive been living with my boyfriend and we have been having sex about three times a day or more, and each time is an hour or so. this morning we made love for almost two hours, and just now i all of a sudden really had to pee, and i could hardly hold it till i got there, and then when i went it burned really terribly, and then i found blood when i wiped. i havent been spotting, and ive been taking the pill regularly. this has never happened to me, i dont know what it is. is it because we have had sex so much? i dont think it could possibly be an std, because ive been tested recently, and he also doesnt have anything, so what is this? should i have it checked out? does anyone know what this could be? also, if this has anything to do with it, last night after we had had sex, when i peed it smelled absolutely disgusting. i dont think im dehydrated, so that couldnt be the cause. is this too much information? sorry, im just so freaked out. i dont know what to do
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I looked through the archives but didn't see this particular topic..

So, I went to my doctor yesterday, got a 'cunt scrap' *snickers*, and she told me I had a mild yeast infection - or rather, that's what it looked like, we'll know for sure when my results come back from the lab. So she prescribed Monistat 3, and told me to tell her if I notice a difference. She also told me that it could be why I hurt during intercourse at work (I love my doctor, she's wonderful .. even if she does make me have cunt scrapes every three months :-).

Now I have a couple of questions (har. Damn yeast infection treatments).

Firstly, and less importantly, it says in the instructions that the thingy I put inside my cunt will lessen the effectiveness of condoms. Is that true? Should I aviod intercourse at work?

And, secondly, today when I woke up (I put the first thingy 'up there' last night, and used the cream-stuff), I was bleeding. I have no idea what this means. I'm on the first week of my pills, so my period is nowhere near from starting, and I've never had break through bleeding. Plus it doesn't look like my period. It looks like regular blood. I missed a pill on Thursday (I was so boggled by having a yeast infection - never had one before), and took it this morning when I woke up. Could it be because of that? I don't know, but I'm still bleeding a little bit, and not too pleased by this turn of events. Any thoughts?

(I'm paranoid. Right now I'm trying not to imagine my horrible death, being convinced for no particular reason that my pap and blood tests will come back from the lab and I'll be diagnosed with some weird sickness and die next week. Ooooh, paranoia ;P)
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nifty factoid

The ear can be synonymous with the vulva, which explains why the son of the Hindu sun god, Surya, was born through the ear, and why adulteresses in ancient Egypt were punished by having their ears cut off.

from Woman's Body: A Manual for Life, Dr Miriam Stoppard