August 29th, 2002



i was wondering if anybody else has trouble finding junior or light tampons? since starting the pill a year ago my period has become increasingly lighter and these are the only ones i can use without pain. i had to go to three stores last night and still came home unsuccessful. it boggles my mind how they can carry super, super plus and even ultra, but not one box of little ones. i've also noticed that tampax seems to be the only brand that even makes little ones. what's the deal?
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ovarian cysts??

if you have ovarian cysts, would it stop/prolong/effect date of your period??
because im begining to think i may have ovarian cysts. my friend had them. i have severe pains in my left ovary....awful. it makes me cry. and now my period is screwed up, and tis ALMOST impossible for me to be pregnant (it would have been at least a month into the pregancy by now, if i was. and im aaaa-ok...)

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ok girls.

it's that time again.

Anyone who wants to appear on the homepage of, please send your vagina-related personal story for me to review. Send it soon as I will have the September update within the next upcoming week.

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so my vagina and i have been doing some bonding lately. after we had a little broken condom incident last week, i went to planned parenthood and got emergency contraception. i giggled because it was called 'Plan B'. i almost didn't go get it since i was on my period anyway and it was a spermicide condom, but it was fine - no side effects. the lady told me i'd probably get my period early - and i sure did - FIVE DAYS LATER! (that would be today.) but hey - no babies and that's what counts.

so... in the interest in keeping the population in check around here, i am going to go in on saturday and get Lunelle. it's the shot you get once a month that works like the pill. are any of you on it? i have questions: how did it change your periods? (like your cramping and flow and regularity, etc.) do you like it? good things? bad things?

i thought someone had mentioned this before, but i can't find it in the archives. maybe someone forgot to put the subject in the post *cough cough*

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Heya, I'm new to the community. I've heard about it from a few people so I thought I'd join n' stuff hehe.
Well, of course I have my reasons ;o)
I saw a commercial on tv the other night about Ortho Evra.. the birthcontrol patch. I'm thinking of calling my doctor about it but before I do I'd like to know what other people have thought about it. I find that doctor's tell you one thing, but a massive amount of people tell you another, and I know that I might not have the problems that some people have, or it might not go as smoothly as other people's experience.
So after all of that... If you've used it, what do you think/thought of it?
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my sister asked me a vagina pagina question today
and ta-da. i have resources. damn you guys are spiffy.

anyway, she asked me about clots during menstration.
and im at a total loss here. cause she was talking to mom, her definition of clots is 'clumps of blood' lets say.. pea sized.
she said mom said thats not normal.
i said, oh? cause my period is practically nothing but clots, i get them every period and i get quite a few of them ranging in size depending on how heavy my period is.

am i really abnormal?
i have no problems with my period? its not generally heavy, generally not a lot of pain except the first pain. my mom and my sister on the other hand both do have menstrul problems (and i am spelling menstral wrong each time i think but sorry)
so whats up with clots?
someone enlighten me please & thank you!