August 25th, 2002

Shaving woes.

Quick question -
Although I do enjoy the feeling after I initially shave "down there" - within a day there is stubble and it itches like crazy! If I attempt to shave the stubble off, it hurts like hell, and I cut myself sometimes.I am not a hairy girl - I have practically no hair on my legs or underarms. After I shave those places, it stays smooth for a few days. Why doesn't it stay smooth when I shave elsewhere? Any particular way I can get it to stay smoother, longer? Thanks, I appreciate it! :-)
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I am almost 21 years old. I have never once since the age of 12 when i got my first period, been able to use a tampon. It always slips out or feels very uncomfortable. I haven't asked my doctor about it, I feel a little shy about it. Is there something that i am doing wrong, cause i have read every step, done it a million times, and no way will that tampon stay in or feel fine.