August 23rd, 2002

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...okay...this sounds really weird, especially since everyone around me at school and that thinks of me as a bit of a sexual know-it-all (not from experience, but from reading, as you could probably tell from me looking at places like vagpag, I'm only 15), but...y'see, I've never really done the self-exploration thing, and that really messes things up when I try to use tampons. I don't know, it just seems really weird, I don't like touching myself when anyone is in the house, and it makes it somewhat worse when my parents were born in the 40s, and its only me and them in the house.

So...the last time I ever tried to use tampons was back when I was like 13, and it didn't seem to work out that well, because I know I didn't get them in right. My mom came from pre-tampon popularity era, so there isn't much help with experience from her. Pads are starting to totally torture me, probably because of the diaper feeling thing. Well, it doesn't help either when your mother buys you that protective underwear, which you can tell makes me totally distant from my mother with my body, lol.

I guess, what I'm saying, is that do you girls have any advice for trying to properly position a tampon, or anything?
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As you requested

Let me present these with the following disclaimer:

a. Not all 14 steps have to be done immediatly before you use the condom. In fact, steps 1-3 can be done well before you engage in this practice.

b. Steps 1-3 may happen in any order...they don't need to happen in the order they are here.

c. This was designed as a basic exercise to teach teenagers how to correctly use a condom...that's all. Some people will argue that steps 12 and 13 should be reversed...I talk about that when I actually present this, but considering what the usual behavior is, they make sense this way.

Fourteen steps to putting on a condom correctly:

1. Decide to have sex
2. Discuss safer sex practices
3. Have condoms available
4. Check expiration date
5. Open condom carefully without using nails or teeth
6. Figure out which way the condom unrolls
7. Place drop of water based lubricant in tip of condom
8. Pinch tip of condom to ensure that there is no air
9. Place condom over head of erect penis and unroll all the way down to base
10. Lubricate outside of condom with water based lubricant
11. Have oral, anal or vaginal sex
12. Ejaculate/climax
13. Pull out, while holding the base of condom and remove condom away from partner
14. Throw the condom out, in the garbage.
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