August 22nd, 2002

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Morning-after pill?

I have a question. Last night my partner and I were having sex, and the condom fell off. It was only inside me for a second, and it wasn't broken or anything (It was a spermicidal condom, if that makes any difference, and it was hanging out of me, not *completely* inside). BUT I think I'm ovulating right now -- my cervical mucus has that egg-whitey thing going on, and my period ended about 2 weeks ago. Should I get the morning after pill just to be on the safe side, or is my risk of pregnancy still as low as it is if the condom had stayed on the boy?

And if I should get the pill, where and how do I do that? I don't really have a regular gyno right now, but my regular doctor is pretty cool.

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hi, my name is emily. i just joined, so here's my introduction.
i am 15, a vocalist, and...well, theres not really much else. i love steinbeck.
i joined mostly because i dont know much about my body, and i thought this would be a nice place to start learning.
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Sue Johanson ROCKS!

I see a lot of you ladies mentioning the Sunday Night Sex Show" in your posts. If you like this show, there is a LIVE chat on tonight at midnight (eastern time). The chat goes on the air live at the bottom of the screen, so it's pretty neat! It's like a television vagina pagina!

The link is here. Sue is hysterical and really knows her stuff, so check it out!

(We does it EVERY Thursday at midnight, FYI. The webpage for her show on Oxygen is HERE.
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Making your period come...

This may be a stupid question, but that's never stopped me before ^^ Is there anything you can do to make your period come, or encourage it to begin sooner? I haven't had mine since March, and will have to see a doctor if I don't get it by October...

Peeing and discomfort

I have a question, but I'm really not sure how to explain properly, so here goes:

Sometimes after I pee, I find that I have a little bit of a girly hard-on. I don't know if maybe I just touch myself in a way that arouses me or what. Sometimes it gets so intense it almost feels like I have to pee again, even though I don't (i've tried). Masturbation usually takes care of it, but that's not always an option.

I was just wondering if this happens to anyone else and if you have suggestions on how to deal.
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I hope this isn't too close to being a FAQ, please forgive me if it is.

I suspect that I have some wacky hormone imbalance. I have frequent yeast infections (well, like 4 in the past 13 months, and my current one is really tough), an occasionally fluttery heart beat, horrible periods, and hot flashes (they usually appear during PMS). I have terrible mood swings and insomnia during PMS as well. If I look up each individual symptom, many of them list having too much estrogen as a possible cause.

I plan on seeing a doctor in a couple weeks, when my school insurance kicks in. In the meantime though, I'd like to ask you ladies - most hormonal birth control methods give you extra estrogen, right? So if I understand that correctly, most hormonal methods would make me worse, not better, if I am correct in guessing that I have too much estrogen already. However, I really don't want to use condoms all my life, because I don't trust them to keep me from getting pregnant. I'm not terribly comfortable with the idea of the IUD either. I'm frustrated by my lack of choices. I'm afraid of the side effects of the hormone drugs too, but I would feel safer pregnancy-wise on them than I do with just condoms or a diaphragm. I know that estrogen raises your risk of cancer, and so adding it to my system kind of scares me.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions would be great. Mostly I'm just looking for company in this - sometimes I feel like the only person who worries about this sort of thing.


I have almost no libido, which is upsetting for my boyfriend, but I don't feel horny, and if I am the slightest bit then it takes forever, is there something wrong with my hormones, I am 19 and this doesn't seem right. Also after anything, is done to my vulva area it's extremely painful for a few days afterwards.


Just for the helluva it, I shaved my unit while in the shower this morning. It's so neat! I feel like I got a nice new shiny toy. =) Doesn't even itch!
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