August 21st, 2002



i've been on the pill since june. the first two months i skipped my placebo pills, but i wanted my period this month. so when the regular pack ended, i didn't start a new pack, but i also neglected to take the placebos. now i've been without the pill for three days and nothing has happened, although i do feel a bit pms-y. can anyone tell me what this is? i could really use some help.
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triumph by Naryu

Better Health and a New Toy

Well, I finally got the yeast infection on my skin to go away. It was a simple matter of changing to a low carb, low sugar diet, blow drying the affected areas and then applying Micatin and a special baby powder used for sensitive, raw skin affected by yeast or thrush infection. I feel tons better about myself and my body.

We're on a business trip to Tampa. Since I had last minute notice, I didn't pack any of my vibrators or dildos and that made it necessary to visit one of the adult stores near the hotel. My husband bought me a new kind of egg; the egg itself is somewhat larger than the usual ones and has a covering of cyberskin; it feels just like bare balls when they're newly shaved. The end of the egg has a vibrating probiscus that feels really great. I highly recommend it if you can find one.
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I mean this might not be as bad as I think that itis but someone close to me has HPV, and I know a lot about it because of a close friend but is there any more that I could know about it? I mean, there must be right. Well something else that i can give this person to comfort and educate her. WEll, i might over react but now I am scared. What to do, what to do. I am very frightened about relationships now. I mean is it really bad, Is it not painful so all tyhat is there are like lumps, no pain or any really bad things?

Curved vagina

My boyfriend said the other night that he thought I had an "unusually curved vagina." I didn't think it was anything unusual. Apparently I seem a lot different than the other women he's been with, and since I haven't explored anyone else's vagina I really don't know. I told him that they had come out with tampons which were curved to fit the *natural* shape and he proceded to show me a diagram of a vagina that was straight! Hmmph! :P

I feel a little weird about it now.

So how curved is your vagina? I couldn't find much information when I ran a search.
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from rachel bagby.

The women in your families have stories they may never be able to tell you in words; yet you'll live them. Listen for their unsaids in all the ways they respond to your body: passion, envy, anxiety, approval, critique. Hidden in their eagerness to raise you up straightjacket proper, hidden in the ways they let you fall are longings which they try to rename with your name.

Find them; find their unsaid stories or those stories will eat you alive.

There in your body's health or discomfort--women's stories. There in your hidden questions; your female relatives' stories. There in their closed lips and unspeaking eyes lies what you may sometimes feel you're dying of--

--Phantoms of untold daughters' stories. Love them. Love these longing-to-be- heard unsaids. Love them into being freely sung by each cell and then listen to the soundings of your life.
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i thought i might be pregnant. im a month and a half late on my period. i havent gained or lost a massive amount of weight recently, but i have been a bit stressed out. anyhooters, my boy and i went and got a test and i peed and all that. while we were waiting of course, i looked down at the package the test had come in and it said the expiration date was 6\02. k, it is now 8\02 as many of you should know. that means the test was two months past its date. it came out negative but i still have not commenced the bleeding. it has now been another four days since taking the test. should i go take another test or do you think a two month old test would give accurate results? im nervous....grrrr.
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I'm new here, but I've been reading for a couple weeks now and I thought maybe you could help me out.

I recently got a yeast infection, so I bought a 3-day treatment (the generic Monistat equivalent) and began using it. The first treatment was fine, but the second day, it got pretty hot in my apartment and the suppository things melted. I used them anyway, by sort of putting them on my finger and getting the stuff up as far as I could, but I know it didn't work right and not much got into me or stayed there like it's supposed to. So it's a couple days later, and I've been using the garlic treatment for those days to no avail. The itching is gone, but there's still obviously yeast in there, and so I have a question.

If I were to buy another box of the suppositories, which have always worked for me in the past, and use them all (and keep them refrigerated this time!) would that be okay? I know that normally if a yeast infection doesn't go away you should see a doctor, but in this case I'm pretty sure it's just the fault of the melted medicine (and right now I really only want to see a doctor if I have to, since my school insurance only comes into existance on the 1st of September). I will keep using garlic during the day and eating my yogurt, and if it didn't go away after a second, proper round of treatment, I'd go right to the gyno. Does anyone know if there's any reason I shouldn't do this?

Thanks in advance. I'm really enjoying being here, you have already given me a lot of helpful info - so thanks for that too. :)