August 20th, 2002

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Well my fellow femmes, I just felt that I needed to post that I got my very first dildo. I've been longing for one for awhile, and now I finally got one. It's called "Midnight Vibes" [I nicknamed it "Shadow"] And its dark blue with sparklies and its got a whole bunch of clitoral stimulation nubbies on the base of it. Its multi-vibration and the odd thing is it's almost an exact replica of my boyfriends cock. Only his is just alittle bit longer.

Plus he bought me this personal lubrication called "Moist" and it works quite well. We tend to have a lot of sex, and when we do, I dry out in time, and this is just perfect.

Anyway, I bonded with Shadow last night for the first time and I love it. :] Just thought I'd express my newfound love for dildoes.
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let me first say that I AM SOOOOO SORRY

that post was not meant to put anybody down or make anyone cry :[ or anything!

i can also relate to stds because i know someone also who has died from aids though it wasnt family
and i have had my own stds scares where i had to go to the doctor and get it checked out and get tested and everything

i still dont think its quite a crime to just say that i am relieved to not have gotten a sexually transmitted disease
i suppose i posted this thinking it would be ok in this community and once again i want to say im sorry!
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Pubic Hair Experiences

Well, I just had an experience with my vulva today that I just have to share...and perhaps get some feedback on.

This is sort of odd, but...I've had pubic hair since I was four years old. Has anyone else had this? I know it's very rare, and even though I was so young at the time, I still remember clearly the hospital visits and blood tests I had to have done, because the doctors were afraid I had some kind of disease or major hormonal inbalance. Thankfully, I didn't, and it was just written off as "one of those things". I didn't really care, but the truth of the matter is, I haven't had a bald vulva since before I can remember. And even though I started masterbating when I was six, by then I had the thick, black curly hair most adult women had. My mom encouraged me to keep it clean, but not to shave.

It never really bothered me, until recently. At anime convention I was at, dressed as Faye Valentine (a character with EXTREMELY short shorts) I had a rather...unpleasant picture taken by mistake, where you could see the hair when I was sitting. Then, I had a partner tell me (in a polite way, after I had asked him for feed back, of course!) that he would prefer if my vulva had less hair. The last straw was in Florida, when shaving my bikini line was just not doing enough. So, today, I took some Nair hair removal lotion, a pair of sissors, and a razor to finish off what those items couldn't get.

I now havea short rectangle of hair around my vulva...and I LOVE IT! I haven't really done much yet, but already I'm noticing that I have much more sensation around there. I'm tempted to take it all off.

So, now that you've all listened to my lil story, here's where the rest of you come in! First off, have any of you had pubic hair since pre-pubescent times? Second, do you know of any home remedies to stop itch and irritation of hair growing back? Third....What do you guys prefer...bald, little bit of hair, lots of hair?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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help! please!

mmk, my period is 2 days late, and usually is on time, i dont even feel pms-y. last time i had sex was approximately a month ago, and i havent had any symptoms (off the top of my head anyway...)
i have had a changed routine due to work, which means different sleep patterns and more stress.

could i be pregnant? or am i just being paranoid?
sad day

I have a question.

I need to find a gyno but I'm not sure about how to go about doing that. I dont have a regular doctor at all and I dont want to go to my moms. Is there anyway I could find one on my own or anything? I'm completly clueless and Ive been meaning to go to one all summer.
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I didnt mean to offend ANYONE with my poor word choice when I was referring to being a lesbian, or being enough of a lesbian, or being a true lesbian.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of sexuality and labels and all that stuff. You simply need more words besdies "lesbian, gay straight and bi" and I made a mistake in thinking that people would understand that I was not trying to use the words that I did to grade levels of lesbianism or to say that you have to pass some sort of test to be the ultimate lesbian.

Im not like that, and a lot of people jumped down my throat with assumptions, and I wanted to make my intentions clear and also apologize for any offense I may have caused.

sad day

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So i decided to just use my moms gyno. I have to make an appointment tomorrow. I'm kinda freaked out but I really need to do this. Ive had promblems all my life so I guess nows as good a time as any to do something about em.