August 19th, 2002

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Shake Those Expert Hips!

Good morning VPers! Based on some of your early poll results, we have a few more questions specifically based on learning more about YOU! In this poll, like the other, the results are visible only to me ( bizetsy ) and the two other VP Admin, rockstarbob and jaclyn . All your results are confidential. We love your feedback and we'd love your help, so give us just a minute of your time, you fabulous vulva-loving superstars!

Poll #54558 Shake Your Expert Hips.

Do you work, study, or volunteer in any of these fields?

OB/GYN or any combination thereof
Rape Crisis Counseling
Sex Work
Other, explain below

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Would you be willing to donate your skills to VaginaPagina in any way?

Write a column/post (s)
Be available for online chats
Contribute to the website
Give us ideas for texts/research valuable to our site

Please expand on your answer above:

Tell us about anyone else who is not currently in VP but might be willing to help in this capacity.

And remember, if you haven't yet taken the other recent survey, you can find it right here.

New here..

Hey, I just joined. I'm kind of new to the LiveJournal thing, and don't really know anyone on here, but well .. I was way too happy to find this community *smiles* I'm not really sure what to say to introduce myself. Everyone here seems really nice. I love my vagina (I know we're not supposed to make posts about that, but this post isn't *just* about that. I just thought I'd throw that in there.).

My thing is, I'm a sex worker (may as well admit it, even if I am shunned *grin*), and I find sometimes after doing full service my vagina stings, really, really hurts. I use lube and everything, but maybe I'm missing something. I'd never slept with a man before I started working (what a way to lose your virginity!), so I figure maybe I don't know something I should. Help?

Oh, and I'm a lesbian. How's that for a mindf*ck? *grin*
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(no subject)

this is a similar question to one sabbysteg put in earlier...

i was having sex last night but after a while i felt like i needed to pee. like... i was BURSTING to pee. but when i went to go there was nothing. ive heard that g-spot orgasms can sometimes feel a little like you need to go, but i dunno. it was just weird. should i hail my boy for possibly finding it or scream at him for doing something wrong? :P

Vagina? Lesbian anyone?

I want to clear up some things that I had asked a new member who happens to be a fabulously patient and kind person.

I asked her if she was a true lesbian.

I want to elaborate on that, just for a minute.

No one should ever have to prove how much of a lesbian they are. Right? I totally agree that no one but You can decide what you would like to call yourself in regards to your sexuality.

But does your vagina know?

I mean, if you are the type of lesbian that cannot get turned on mentally by a man, is your vagina gonna know, and is it gonna be more tense?

In the same aspect, if you're a lesbian who can also enjoy sex with men, mentally and physically, is your vagina down with penis?

Does your vagina have a direct link with your brain when it comes to this stuff, and does it have more say in how you feel about having sex than we ever thought?

One time I "did stuff" with a guy. I mean, nothing involving vaginal sex, but other stuff. And although my body was aroused, my brain was not. Im a lesbian, and have known this for a long time. So I know that I could probably have sex with a guy, and I could probably be turned on. But I think my vagina might put up a stink. It might tighten, tense up and not let the penis in. It might scream in pain afterwards. Is this possible?

Thanks for your comments, in advance.


A friend of mine that I work with found out today that she has Chlamydia. Has anyone had any experience with this STD? Any information that may help me help her would be fabulous. Feel free to email me at Any websites with information is helpful too! :)

As Always
Thank you!

(no subject)

Oh oh oh. My vagina is incredibly disturbed with me at the time being. I feel incredibly guilty and all I can do is sit back and pay the consequences while it screams in pain at me. The outer labia are all swollen and chapped while the path leading in is incredibly dry. Key lesson learned: Use tons of lubrication during love making and this shall never happen to you! Your cunt will thank you.

On another note, I do have a question for everyone. During the whole cleansing process the vagina goes through, I realize that clear, liquid secretion is normal. However, lately I've been having the oddest kinds of 'flooding.' I mean, it's usually a steady flow between menstruation cycles, but lately, it comes in abundance. I could be standing and ultimately and instantly, it feel like I've started my period. As if all my 'fluids' are being released at the SAME point. It's very clear, very wet, and not related to being turned on. So tell me, is it normal to get these episodes of wetness out of nowhere?

Please reassure me that I'm normal. =) Thanks, you lovely ladies!

(no subject)

i just realized how badly i never ever wanna get aids or any other kind of std...
and im incredibly thankful that i havent gotten any diseases and quite relieved considering who ive slept w/
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