August 18th, 2002

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tea tree oil for yeast infections and candida

Candida Albicans -Dilute one drop of Tea Tree Oil in an eight ounce glass of water,juice or herb tea. Drink this mixture once per day for one week. The next week use two drops of Tea Tree Oil in the liquid. Each week thereafter increase the amount by one drop until you reach a maximum of five drops of Tea Tree Oil per day. Continue to take five drops of Tea Tree Oil in eight ounces of liquid for two months. This should be used in conjunction with dietary changes, Acidophilus supplements, pau d'arco and other aids to overcoming Candida. For children, use one drop in a quart of liquid.

Vaginal Yeast Infections (Monilia) - Use one teaspoon of the oil in a 500 ml. douche daily. You can also soak a tampon in the oil and insert. It can also be taken internally. See the directions for Candida Albicans.


Sex at the end of a period?

I thought it was all finished, so had a great night last night. This morning, while going to the loo, I noticed a lot of bright red blood. There was nothing there last night. It's the 5th day today and it's usually all cleared up by now..

Is this normal? It's never happened before, well not bright red anyway...
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oh man. i've had one heck of a day...

I woke up and i was on the rag. "okay, it wont be so bad if i get out and do something". so I decide to ride my bike to a friends house to drop some things off. It was horrible. cramps...i felt like i was going to throw up and pass out. I cant believe i made it home. i got home...i was bleeding HORRIBLY and the vomiting just sucked. i thought i was going to die. I've never had a period this bad before, ever.

a question i've had for a long time is...does anyone know of any herbal remedies that lessen cramps? i try using an herbal heating pad, but i think the heat just makes me sick to my stomach.

thought you might be able to help me : )