August 14th, 2002

  • midori

breasts and no period :( and not pregnant!

for the past 4/5 days (and a good few before that!) my breasts have been REALLY sore! (IE/ if i walk fast they wobble and HURT.)

i always have a late period and it was 1 week late last friday (5 weeks since last one started). anyway, i don't eat well and i've been very depressed this month. why else could i be getting v. tender/sore breasts and no bleeding? i expect i will soon but......i'm tired of waiting and i'm paranoid. i took a pregnancy test and it's negative know. i'm worried i might have something else wrong with me. i am going to eat really well over the next few days because my breasts hurt so much. i keep thinking i have cramps, too!

HELP. any guesses? ps- my last period was 3 weeks late but i didn't have sore breasts for AGES before it!
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I emailed allendale pharmeceuticals to ask about the sponge

Envelope-to: iris at
Delivery-date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 12:45:01 -0700
From: "Gene Detroyer"
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<blockquote>Envelope-to: iris at
Delivery-date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 12:45:01 -0700
From: "Gene Detroyer" <gdetroyer at>
To: "Mary" <iris at>
Subject: Re: are we there yet?
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 15:07:38 -0400

When will the sponge be available again, and how will I be able to get it?


It isn't released yet. I expect it to be released into Canada in 30 to 60 days. We are still 9 months to a year away from US release.

In Canada it will be available at and as well as retailers throughout the country.

I will add you to our email list so you can keep up to date with our progress. Tell all those who you think might be interested about our list.
Gene Detroyer
President & CEO
Allendale Pharmaceuticals
gdetroyer at

E-Vag me

Hey, a long time ago I heard word on Vagina Pagina of a possiblity for e-mail addresses

Any word on if this is every gonna happen?

Because I'd love to have my e-mail address be

That would so kick ass.
Zach and Megs

Diaphragm + weight gain?

I heard that if you have a diaphragm, and you lose or gain more than 10lbs, you need to make sure that it still fits. Soooo I'm assuming I've gained some weight since the last time I used my diaphragm (me in the US, boyfriend in Japan...yeah) but I'm wondering HOW imparative it is that I have it checked again, or if I'd be ok to use it?
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  • ayodele

(no subject)

reading the threads about the vulva rings reminded me of this article by Linda Savage.

As much as women complain about their hips, buttocks, breasts, or waistlines, the yoni is at the heart of most women's body-image distortions; it is their ultimate disowned body part. How women really feel about the seat of their sexuality is a much more serious issue of body image that they rarely, if ever, talk about--even in therapy.
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