August 13th, 2002

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pussy power poster?

what would everyone think of collectively making a pussy poster?

I wouldn't mind organising and designing it.
What I'm thinking is this:
People willing to participate can send me a photograph of their vulva. Just their vulva, no porn shots of people licking their lips or something like that; or if you can't work a photo editing programme, send me the picture and I will happily crop it out for you :)
I can make all of the pussies into pictures.. oh, depending on the number of participants, 100x100, or 200x200, and arrange them in a quilt-like fashion into a poster size.
People can do this totally anonymously. (well, other than me having your email, but to be honest, I'm really forgetful, and I have no intention of selling it or blackmailing anyone.)

and then.. then I'm not sure. I'm all about freeware and stuff, so maybe we could just have a link to the collective image on so people can print out the pussy poster and hang it, or frame it, or whatever. Maybe the community could use it for a background on lj, or the webpage?

anyone have any thoughts on something like this?
[this idea brought to you via thatdirtyblonde's rant, and a Firinel that has stayed up way too late after eating vegetarian roast-chicken flavoured crisps (!?)]
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my poor vagina is irritated and cranky after not lubed enough love this morning.

one one hand- the orgasmic wake up was lovely.

on the other hand- the chapped and chafed feeling just isn't helping me deal with all the guys that well.

it makes me want to make them rub their dicks with sandpaper and see why i'm so cranky.

could also be wedding stress...could definetly be wedding stress.
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UTI vaccine

In this month's Cosmo (great source, I know), there was an article about various vaginal problems and the treatments for them. In the UTI section they mentioned the UTI vaccine---which I have heard some things about---and that it will possibly be available as soon as next year. Everything I had heard about it prior to this said that it was still a few years away from being available here in the US. Does anyone (particularly people in the health care industry) know anything about this? Will the vaccine be given to women who ask, or does a woman have to meet certain criteria first?

I'm hungry for info. I would give anything to be forever free of UTIs.

Acupuncture for what ails you (pms)

Hey guys :)

For the past 9 weeks I've been having acupuncture for various health problems I have. For some of my bigger issues (chronic nausea and IBS) it hasn't helped, but for many other things it has. My period pain is almost non-existent. I used to have heavy and painful periods, even though I'm on the pill (it's way worse when I'm off the pill). The acupuncture has reduced the amount, and the cramping. PMS is also really excellent. It takes a while for it to kick in (it took me wil my 4th or 5th treatment) because it works in an accumulative way. My headaches, which I was having every day, have gone completely. I'm no longer dizzy when I first stand up.

If you're having PMS and cramping woes, I really suggest acupuncture. I went into it taking everything she told me with a grain of salt, but it's really working well for me in those areas. I can't believe the wonderful change, and I can highly recommend it :)
cute timmy

(no subject)

i have a question of sorts
for the last oh, week or so, ive been having what can only be described as hot flashes
on one instance i woke up covered in sweat as well.
ive been feeling a bit under the weather, but unless the thermometer is broken my temp. is below normal (its normally low) even during the hot times.
i just get really hot and kinda have to just come sit in my room in my underwear and try to cool down. the temp outside is not hot.
um, my period should start this weekend, begining of next week

do any of you get hot flashes as pms symptoms? or do you think its from something else? the only reason im thinking its pms related (its never happened before) is that hot flashes happen commonly with menopaus (howeveryouspellthat) and my mom gets them, shes going through perimenopause. im 22 so im far too young for that, but im thinking its hormonal.
moi now

(no subject)

Well, on Saturday I got my first period while being off ortho-tri cyclen. Before this, I was wondering why the hell I was feeling so shitty [I thought I was pregnant -- as I heard when you go off the pill, you're MEGA fertile] but I guess I'm not pregnant.

Anyway, when my period came, it came heavy. I woke up, walked to the bathroom, and it was like, dripping down my legs and shit. I had to jump in the bath just to wash all of the blood off me. It was just everywhere. Plus there was a lot of clumping. I was so scared, because my period had never, ever been this bad before. Luckily, I was at my boyfriends place, so he held me and told me that everything would be alright and that he wouldn't let anything happen to me [don't you just love sensitivity in a guy? ;)] I mean, I was actually so scared that I was crying.

I'm not really worried now though, because I asked one of my female friends, and she said it was normal. I also told my mom, and she didn't seem too worried, either. It just scared the hell out of me. I guess it's just my hormones adjusting to the pill not being in my system. I was kind of wondering if my period would become irregular again, but seeing as how it came this month, I'm assuming it won't revert back ...

Just wanted to tell my little story. :p Sorry for the banter. I just woke up from a nap. Buh byes.
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