August 8th, 2002

a vagina song for all of you. :)

firinel inspired me to post this song that i love. it's by a band called saffire (also affectionately known as the Uppity Blues Women.) they are three lovely lovely ladies that crack me up. they should be VP mascots cos all their songs are about powerful women (and they're funny too). somewhere (i don't have it but i can try to find it) they also have one called the "O.B.G.Y-me blues". :) i love them. anyway - here is the song:

ps - you have to keep in mind that these three fiesty women are all well over 40.

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When does it STOP????

Okay ladies, it's been a long time...I've not had a yeast infection for a few years, at least, and I can't remember...


This is my second day on Monistat, and the itching it still there. Granted, I keep forgetting to bring the tube of stuff for the outside, but I thought maybe it would be over by now...

*hanging head* And I will admit it...I've been a bad girl and now my vagina and vulva are NOT happy with me...But it felt really good while I was doing however, it sucks.

Hell, I'm contemplating the "cooling spray" we keep here for burns and stuff....I know it would be BAD though, and that's why I'm not...

So can someone PLEASE tell me how long I have to deal with this godforsaken ITCH???

*trying desperately not to scratch anymore*
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Its almost ready....

Hey everyone..Finally I am almost done with my zine. PUBLIK
AS I do the finishing touches..please send me your snail mail addys via The first issue is free and thank you all for helping me with responses etc.

Please please support this project. Its free for God's Sakes.

Last min: Any male poets or writers who'd like to submit, please send me something sooooon!

oh my legs
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I just started my second month on lunelle and I love it. If you are tired of remembering the pill and scared of depo this is a great alternative. It is also has both estrogen and progesterone if you can't handle depo. It's a shot you get every month. It's painless. I have had no side effects so far and had less cramps than when I was on the pill. It's the same price as the pill however you do need a nurse to give the injection.


Hello again.

I have yet to take the step over to tampons or just to try them out. I was wondering what brands and types people would recommend for the first time. Thank you so much.